Kevin Smith Shares Wonderful Tribute To Clerks 28 Years Later

Brian O'Halloran as Dante Hicks in Clerks

Most of Kevin Smith’s '90s films have continued to live on through pop culture references and streaming. But Clerks still holds a particularly special place in the hearts of many '90s kids (now, adults), and the film continues to be a favorite for Smith as well. Now, as the cult classic recently reached a major milestone, the director went on social media to pay tribute to the cult film.

Clerks truly made Kevin Smith a name to look out for, and its success not gave Smith cache in Hollywood and led to his ever-expanding View Askewniverse. So it’s only fitting that the director sent aside some time to recognize the cult classic, as he recently took to Instagram to celebrate Clerks on its 28th anniversary. Check out Smith’s sweet message and throwback slideshow below:

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As seen in the director’s post, Kevin Smith is very appreciative of Clerks’ enduring legacy and all the work that went into creating it. He even displayed his appreciation for the convenience store, where most of the film took place. Seeing these behind-the-scenes photos speaks to the demanding work that went into making the cult classic but also to the fun times the cast and crew had while making the movie.

'90s kids will certainly tell you that Kevin Smith’s works were required viewing, especially Clerks and Mallrats. Clerks’ mix of stoner and dry humor, paired with bizarre situations, were so true to the time. When thinking about the film, one can't help but look fondly on those memories of backward caps and hockey jerseys.

Clerks not only pushed independent films into the mainstream, it became Kevin Smith’s calling card as he became one of Hollywood’s most sought-out directors and writers. If it weren't for the movie, fans won’t have films such as Mallrats, Dogma or the Jay and Silent Bob franchise. Smith has since turned that success into everything from hosting gig to comic book writing jobs, all without having to change his process. So when you consider just how influential Clerks was on Smith's career as a whole, this post really hits even harder for fans.

Aside from his tribute to the original film, Kevin Smith has Clerks on the brain in other ways. For months (years, really), Smith has been teasing Clerks 3. Of course, there have been a few hiccups along with way, including Jeff Anderson’s initial refusal to participate and Smith’s heart attack. That health crisis changed the course of the sequel, which Smith revealed on social media, and he was even able to incorporate the crisis into the plot. But the screenplay was in the works for years until COVID-19 hit and pushed the director to finish it. Given how long the film’s development has been, one can only hope that all of Smith’s effort is worth the wait.

Hopefully, Kevin Smith’s tribute to Clerks signals bigger things coming up on the horizon. But as of right now, only time will tell when more Clerks news will emerge.

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