Voyagers Ending: Lily-Rose Depp, Tye Sheridan And The Cast Discuss What Could Happen Next

SPOILERS are ahead for Voyagers, only in theaters now.

Anyone else feeling a bit more grateful to be on the solid ground of planet Earth after Neil Burger’s Voyagers? The science fiction thriller followed the fallout of a young crew of 30 on a one-way trip to a sustainable new world that will take their whole lives to travel to. Following the death of Colin Farrell’s Richard, the crew is left to their own devices to continue the mission they were born into or challenge it and live more autonomously. Let’s see what Voyagers stars Lily-Rose Depp, Tye Sheridan and Fionn Whitehead thought of how things panned out, shall we?

The inciting incident is, of course, the realization that the entire crew has been taking medication called “The Blue” all of their lives to suppress their human desires. Once they catch on to the secret, the ship runs rampant (and all hormonal) which divides them into two groups. One lead by Fionn Whitehead’s Zac, who wants to stop taking The Blue and forgo the mission all together and the other by Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp’s Christopher and Sela, who accept their mission to procreate for future generations.

After a chaotic and violent third act on the Voyagers ship, the crew decides to compromise. They will no longer take The Blue, but they will stick to the mission and reach their promise land. When CinemaBlend spoke to the cast, Lily-Rose Depp shared her thoughts on the ending on how it may affect the crew’s future:

To me, because they are all off The Blue and they are under, let’s say new leadership, I think that it creates the opportunity to form more of a bond then they’ve ever had the majority of their lives and under the influence of this sedative. So I think now that there’s not that, they’d have the opportunity to create really strong bonds, friendships and relationships. Hopefully, they’re going to progress as more of a family than they ever have.

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Lily-Rose Depp had an optimistic look at the Voyagers ending when I posed to them the question as to how they think the society stemming from the crew would go forward following an unconventional upbringing on the ship without culture and desires. Thankfully, by the end, they decide to embrace being human, along with deciding to raise a new generation and live on the new planet after all. Tye Sheridan had a short and sweet response to follow Depp’s:

I hope so, I hope they learn from their mistakes.

Fionn Whitehead was exploring the opposite point of view as his Voyagers character. He shared his own take away from the film following the ending:

I would hope that they would kind of go forward and realize they deserve independence, and not be sedated all the time, but also come to decisions rationally and democratically, talk and look out for each other as well, I reckon. Not be so selfish.

Voyagers truly incites a discussion we grapple with every day as a society. Do we live for the moment without thought of consequence for what comes next, or do we implement some sacrifices into our lives for the greater good and to benefit others? A compromise is fair in our everyday lives, too. But following the dramatic events of the Lord of the Flies in space thriller, one has to wonder how the society they build will become.

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