Maze Runner Star Dylan O’Brien Shares Some Facts Google Always Gets Wrong About Him

Dylan O'Brien in The Maze Runner
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Over the course of an actor’s career, they give a lot of interviews about themselves, which are often recorded here for the internet, retold a few times over the years and sometimes misconstrued. This summer, it’ll officially be a decade since Maze Runner actor Dylan O’Brien first broke out in Hollywood as Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinski, so why not take part in a bit of fact checking about him on Google search?

While promoting his apocalyptic rom-com Love & Monsters, which just hit Netflix in international markets, Dylan O’Brien took to the internet to get a few things straight about how his life is being presented online. One wrong “fact” he found right off the bat is the assumption he does not have a middle name. He cleared that right up with the following:

Dylan Rhodes O’Brien, it’s my mother’s maiden name.

While the internet isn’t always to be trusted, especially without a solid fact check from a reputable source to back certain information up, a lot of what the internet had to say about Dylan O’Brien was mostly true. While speaking to Netflix, the actor admitted that he totally travels everywhere with the same pillow, and that yes, he was a drummer in a band:

[Slow Kids At Play] was my high school band, we started when we were 17. We just did a reunion show last year, actually.

It's pretty cool he was in a band! Think ska meets the kind of song you hear during the introduction of a summer coming-of-age movie with Slow Kids At Play. Dylan O’Brien was also called out for his old YouTube channel, which he admitted is totally him. In the fact check, he broke down his account name too:

Moviekidd826. Well, I was 13 I think when I made it. 8/26 is my birthday, 2 D’s I must have thought was cool… one day [a teacher at school] popped down the screen and put on my video and I walked straight out of the classroom and I walked straight home. I’m a very innately shy human, which is why it’s ironic that this has become my career.

Hey, I think we all started with an email or account name of the Moviekidd826 variety. The actor posted his first video on YouTube back in 2006, and still totally has 15 videos ready and available to witness, including this gem:

The video has now racked up over 10 million views since Dylan O’Brien became a fan-favorite on the MTV werewolf series and the face of the Maze Runner YA movie adaptations. Oh, the power of the internet. The actor also cleared up a tidbit about turning to the hit sitcom Friends when he moved to California on his own and was lacking in the friendship department with these words:

No friends, absolutely. It was a rough, rough transition in my life. Sensitive age. ‘He became obsessed with the TV show Friends,’ yes. Me and my sister… but 11 times, maybe not.

Sure, these are quite random facts about Dylan O’Brien, but they’re definitely fun to hear about the actor, and from the actor’s own mouth. Check out the full Netflix video below:

Dylan O'Brien is gearing up next to release Flashback this June and Antoine Fuqua’s Infinite alongside Mark Wahlberg this September. Check out all the upcoming 2021 movies coming our way this year here on CinemaBlend.

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