Love And Monsters Trailer Has Dylan O'Brien Trying To Survive A Creature-Filled Apocalypse

Love and Monsters Dylan O'Brien trying to keep his dog quiet near a monster

Love is already a touchy subject, and a very delicate thing to navigate, in life and movies. Monsters are usually gigantic, but almost always ferocious, and ready to rock and ruin at a moment’s notice. So what if we were to see a film that mashed those two things together? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time, but this new trailer for Paramount’s Love and Monsters sees Dylan O’Brien ditching the mazes he’s run in the past in favor of a creature-filled apocalypse. As you’ll see below, it’s an adventure that looks absolutely wild, even by 2020 standards!

From the top of Love and Monsters’ first look right through to the end, we see poor Joel (Dylan O’Brien) go from lovesick young man on a romantic date with his girlfriend, Amy (Jessica Henwick) to an underground refugee whose lost his parents, his home, and presumably his true love. Of course, all it takes is one radio conversation to put Joel on the road to reunion, as Amy’s still out there, and he’s determined to find her. He’ll just have to survive a lot of things that are trying to eat him, and stay on the right side of an expert hunter (Michael Rooker) and his young companion (Ariana Greenblatt), and he should be able to survive to the end of his journey.

There is a strong Zombieland style vibe coming off of Love and Monsters, with a little bit of A Quiet Place mixed in. At least, that’s what it feels like while watching this colorful romp of gigantic lifeforms, a boy, and his dog play out through the space of this lightning quick trailer. But that’s not a knock at what we’ve seen, as it’s meant to be a compliment. If there was ever at time we could use a bright and funny movie that throws monsters and quips at the audience, it’s surely now. Which is interesting, as this movie has been in process for almost a decade, through Free Guy director/producer extraordinaire Shawn Levy.

We previously knew this film by its original name, Monster Problems; however a new title seemed to be in the cards, as most folks liked to joke that the film was a stealth sequel to a previous Paramount comedy, Monster Trucks. Though, if we’re being completely honest, it would have been kind of cool to see Creech from that particular universe interacting with Joel and some of the other colorful beasties we’re seeing in Love and Monsters’ first trailer. Which is funny, considering Monster Trucks writer Matthew Robinson and The Babysitter franchise creator Brian Duffield are both credited with the story to this new would-be blockbuster.

Love and Monsters looks ready to appeal to fans of both, along with dog lovers and those in need of a nice, breezy laugh. And in a world where most movies are pushing into 2021, this film actually finds itself dropping much earlier than anticipated, as Love and Monsters is set to drop on major digital retailers on October 16th. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of movies left for 2021 to take hold of, and you can see the full list over on our 2021 release schedule!

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