Will Marvel’s Black Panther 2 Move Filming Out Of Georgia? Ryan Coogler Gives Honest Answer

Masked Black Panther ready for battle

Georgia, specifically Atlanta, has become a popular destination for filming movies. Case in point, most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings since 2015’s Ant-Man have been shot at Trilith Studios, formerly known as Pinewood Atlanta Studios. That said, with Georgia having recently passed a controversial voting bill, many notable figures in Hollywood have called for a boycott on film and TV productions in the state. However, the Ryan Coogler-directed Black Panther 2 will not be switching filming locations.

Black Panther 2 is scheduled to begin filming this July, and in an essay for Shadow And Act, Ryan Coogler explained that while he’s decided to keep the sequel’s production in Georgia, he’ll express his disapproval for Senate Bill 202, which was signed into law on March 25 by Governor Brian Kemp, in other ways. In Coogler’s words:

Our film [Black Panther II] is staying in Georgia. Additionally, I have made a personal commitment to raise awareness about ways to help overturn this harmful bill, and continue to get educated on this matter from people on the ground. I will encourage everyone working with me to tap in with the local community directly affected by Senate Bill 202 and to leverage their influence and resources to aid in the fight for this particular and essential pillar of democracy.

For those who are unfamiliar about Senate Bill 202, it’s introduced a host of new voter restrictions in Georgia, including voter ID being required for absentee ballots, limiting the number of ballot drop boxes and prohibiting food and water from being given to voters waiting line, among other things. Logan director James Mangold and Star Wars actor Mark Hamill are among the high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry who have declared that they won’t work in Georgia anymore, and Will Smith’s upcoming movie Emancipation has already pulled production out of the state. While Ryan Coogler will not join them in this boycott, he made it clear in his essay that he opposes “all attempts, explicit and otherwise, to shrink the electorate and reduce access to the ballot.”

Describing Georgia as having “a special place” in his heart, Ryan Coogler explained how he was “profoundly disappointed” at Senate Bill 2020 being passed. After speaking with voting rights activists in the state, he learned that many of the people working on Black Panther 2 will “bear the brunt” of the new legislation. As a result, Coogler opted to keep the next Black Panther movie’s production in the state, and instead work to support the organizations fighting against voter suppression in Georgia.

Given how critically and commercially successful 2018’s Black Panther was, it wasn’t shocking that Disney greenlighted a sequel months later. Unfortunately, the original face of the Black Panther film series is no longer with us, as Chadwick Boseman passed away last August from colon cancer. There are no plans to either recast T’Challa for Black Panther 2 or include the character in the sequel through archival footage or a digital recreation, but a fan petition has been launched requesting that a new actor take over as T’Challa.

No plot details for Black Panther 2 have been revealed yet, but Letitia Wright, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett, Martin Freeman, Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke are all confirmed to be reprising their respective characters. Wright’s Shuri will reportedly have a bigger role in the sequel, leading to speculation that she’ll inherit the Black Panther mantle. Narcos: Mexico actor Tenoch Huerta was also reportedly in talks to join Black Panther 2, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet if he’s involved or not.

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