Mark Hamill Co-Signs Star Wars Fan Theory About Luke He Never Noticed

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The watchful eyes of fans are a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to a franchise like Star Wars. Actor and franchise legend Mark Hamill seems to be getting an education in such theories as of late, thanks to fans bringing things like the “Bigger Luke” theory to his attention. But way more plausible, and easier to understand, is a new theory about Luke Skywalker’s relationship with technology in A New Hope that not even he noticed.

Throughout the first Star Wars movie there’s interestingly a recurring theme of Luke being not so good with using technology to see what’s right in front of him. With an eager fan sharing their discovery on Twitter, it wasn’t long before Hamill himself took notice after some gentle nudging from the Star Wars fandom. And as you’ll see in his retweet of this theory, even Mark Hamill is still learning new connections made in George Lucas’ legendary classic:

While the “Luke doesn’t know technology” theory doesn’t have as exciting a name as the "Bigger Luke" conspiracy, it has a lot of solid evidence to back it up. Through the Star Wars moments shared in the tweet above, one can see a consistent pattern of Luke’s inability to see what’s going on when aided by technology. But, of course, when it comes to the Death Star trench run in A New Hope, the future Jedi uses the Force and is able to see things clear as a bell. Luke is now on his way to his destiny, and he didn’t even need a pair of binoculars to see it.

That being said, Luke’s own vision does fail him to a certain point in his Star Wars story, as we’ve seen in The Last Jedi. When he sees his own nephew Ben Solo potentially becoming an evil presence, his thoughts briefly turn to murder, and that's ultimately what turns young Ben into Kylo Ren. If only he could have looked back throughout the Skywalker legacy, he could have seen that misunderstandings surrounding great Force powers kind of run in the family.

It’s only going to be a matter of time before Star Wars fans start to debate whether Luke’s tech problems were just a cute quirk that were written into the original sci-fi hit, or if it was really something deeper. Which means it’s time to start going back to the Skywalker Saga and researching this and other Star Wars theories. Good news: if you’re a Disney+ subscriber, you can do just that. Though don’t let a current lack of access get you down, as you can always sign up for the service and get a discount on bundling several Disney owned streaming services. And you don’t even need to use the Force to get it!

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