Disney+'s Luca Trailer Is A Colorful Fish Out Of Water Story... Literally

Pixar is riding high right now off yet another big Oscar win for Best Animated Feature. While most of the movies that have skipped theatrical release in the last year have been smaller films, while bigger movies expected to be more successful have waited for theaters, it makes the success of Soul, which went straight to Disney+ with no theatrical release, that much more impressive. And so the bar is raised for Luca, the next Pixar movie going straight to streaming. A new trailer just dropped that has given us a better look at the story it will tell, about a sea creature who experiences life on land. Check out the new trailer above.

Luca is, for lack of a better term, a sea monster, who wants to see the world outside his home, which happens to be the Italian Riviera. He goes up to the surface with his brother Alberto and the two explore the local town, meeting people, both friends and potential enemies. All this was shown off in a teaser earlier this year, but here we see more, including a potential scooter riding antagonist, and also Luca's mother, who warns her son about going to the surface.

It's a pretty standard "fish out of water" story, as much of the humor is based on the idea that Luca and his brother don't actually know how to act among the surface people, so they get themselves in trouble by saying and doing the wrong things. Along with the trailer a new poster was released as well. Check it out below.

Luca poster

The poster introduces us to all the main characters of the film. At the bottom we see Luca's parents, though dad has yet to appear in any of the trailers. We see Luca's human friend Giulia front and center with the two boys, showing what a big part of the movie she will be. Then we see the other humans in the background who are the characters Luca will likely be hiding from. We saw in the film's initial teaser that this village is apparently aware that sea creatures like Luca exist, and the town tends to treat them like they would any fish.

Luca looks like a great deal of fun. We can also expect it will come with a great deal of heart. And like Soul before it, viewers will be able to enjoy it all at home on Disney+. Right up until a couple months ago the plan was still for Luca to see a theatrical release and while that's not happening, Luca is still a unique film in the current Disney slate as it's the only one set to go only to the streaming platform. Both Cruella, which opens before Luca, and Black Widow, which comes out after, are set to get simultaneous releases both on streaming (with an upcharge) and in theaters, but Luca will only be found on Disney+.

Dirk Libbey
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