Avenger Mark Ruffalo Shares Hilariously Awkward Photo For Superhero Day

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Thor: Ragnarok

Yesterday was National Superhero Day, and while it would have been awesome to get a witty Deadpool quip from Ryan Reynolds, we did get a cool behind-the-scenes photo from another Marvel star. Mark “The Hulk” Ruffalo celebrated the holiday by sharing a cool, albeit awkward photo of himself decked out as Hulk for one of the Avengers films.

If you thought Mark Ruffalo was left out of the cool superhero costume party Thor and The Falcon apparently attended, you’d be wrong. While it doesn’t look like Ruffalo has a cool outfit to wear when he’s The Hulk, he actually has a pretty elaborate one. We get a little peek into what his costume consists of when he’s filming his parts in MCU films in his latest Instagram post honoring National Superhero Day. You can check it out below:

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Ok, maybe it’s a little less of a cool costume and more of a cumbersome technological necessity. Even if the Hulk suit may be a bit annoying to wear, it’s pretty cool for fans to be able to see just what it takes to turn Mark Ruffalo into the character. That’s besides some poking and prodding to raise his blood pressure, of course.

It looks like the whole process is a little more than just wearing an oversized chest over his own, though. Ok, it looks like a lot more. Mark Ruffalo looks to have a special bodysuit and helmet with sensors pretty much everywhere, which are most likely used to help put CGI on his actual body as he moves. Even though it looks like a real hassle, Ruffalo appears to be having a pretty good time, even if he sometimes has to remind himself to.

Fans are loving this behind-the-scenes look at what Mark Ruffalo goes through to portray The Incredible Hulk, and they are not holding back poking fun at how awkward he looks in the setup. There are a lot of folks commenting that the Avenger keeps missing leg day. While Ruffalo definitely doesn’t suffer from chicken legs, it sure makes it look that way with the big Hulk chest over top of his own.

Some fans are also trying to pinpoint exactly when the photo is from, thinking it may be a behind-the-scenes look from the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ series. While She-Hulk has recently begun filming, it doesn’t appear that this photo is from the pandemic times. As one commenter points out, no one around Mark Ruffalo is wearing masks, and film sets still have plenty of safety measures in place for the cast and crew.

Even though Mark Ruffalo’s hilariously awkward photo isn’t recent and is more likely from one of the Avengers films, we can expect to see him take back up the role of Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the upcoming She-Hulk. Maybe next year on National Superhero Day, we’ll even get a side-by-side of the two Hulks in their weird CGI suit. Here's hoping!

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