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Anthony Mackie Is All Superhero Swagger Smoking A Cigar Wearing Falcon Costume In BTS Pic

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As Marvel goes through what may be the biggest drought of live-action content it's had in some time, cast and crews have been getting productions back up and running to ensure there will be plenty of TV and film content for fans to enjoy in the coming months. Disney+'s Falcon And The Winter Soldier was in good shape when things slowed down, and reportedly only has a little left to film, fortunately enough. The show is back in production, and fans have been getting little glimpses of the process thanks to actor Sebastian Stan.

The Bucky Barnes actor shared a new picture to his social media this week that will rock some fans' socks. Though the shot itself doesn't appear to be something we'll see in the show, Sebastian Stan and co-star Anthony Mackie are in full Winter Soldier and Falcon costumes, with Mackie puffing on a cigar. Check out the photo below.

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I'm not 100% certain on what Sebastian Stan is doing in this picture, though it looks like he may also be trying to take a photo of Anthony Mackie looking like a tough-guy beast puffing the cigar in his Falcon garb. Considering this looks to be a photo of someone taking a photo, it's almost like it's double behind the scenes, even though that isn't a thing.

The big question I have is whether or not this is something relevant to Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and from my brief research, I'm guessing the answer is no. I couldn't dig up any relevance tied to Falcon smoking a cigar in Marvel comics, but there are plenty of pictures online of Anthony Mackie indulging in one from time to time. Basically, I wouldn't expect there to be a cigar-puffing scene with Falcon in this series, although if it happens, it'll probably be after he beats the crap out of someone, or several people, and he'll have his boot on someone's chest.

More likely than not, this was just a picture snapped between filming takes or just hanging out on set. This picture arrived two weeks after another one shared by Sebastian Stan that showed him hanging out by a camera with dog tags. This leather jacket and all-black ensemble could just be Stan being an incredibly dapper man, but it also looks like something Bucky would wear as well, perhaps when driving a motorcycle, but only if he was driving, and not in the sidecar.

There have been a lot of promising updates in regards to Falcon And The Winter Soldier, after a period in which filming had come to a halt and postponed the projected 2020 release. Things are back on track now, and there are even whispers of what the future may hold for the Marvel show going forward. That includes some interesting thoughts on Season 2 having a different name, assuming this show actually gets a second season.

Disney+'s Falcon And The Winter Soldier is set to arrive sometime in 2020. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening with Marvel shows, and for the latest news in television and movies.

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