Wrath Of Man Ending: Jason Statham's Revenge Plot Explained

Jason Statham aims his gun in front of the truck in Wrath of Man.

Warning: the ending for Wrath of Man is spoiled in detail in the following rundown. If you haven’t seen the film yet, turn around and rob another story for loot. We’ll be here when you’re caught up.

Jason Statham isn’t someone you want to cross in the world of the movies, especially if that movie happens to be a Guy Ritchie creation. Wrath of Man is the big reunion between the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels collaborators, and as anyone who's seen the trailer will attest, not even Post Malone can run away from the danger. But just what happens in Wrath of Man’s ending, and why is Statham’s character, simply known as H, so destructive?

Well, to discuss these factors, we need to dive deep into the intricacies of Jason Statham’s revenge plot in Wrath of Man. Which means, an armored truck full of spoilers. Consider this your last warning, as we’ll park it in the lot, and unpack the secrets of H’s vengeful deeds.

Jason Statham sits in a darkened living room in Wrath of Man.

What Happened At The End Of Wrath Of Man?

Throughout Wrath of Man, the armored cars run by Fortico Security have been constantly under assault. The movie literally opens with a truck being hijacked by highly trained robbers, and the third act revolves around H (Jason Statham) foiling the hoodlum that not only has been knocking over trucks, but also killed his son Dougie. Well, at the very end of Wrath of Man, H not only gets his revenge, he exacts it in the same way his son had died.

Cornering Jan (Scott Eastwood,) the last man standing in the crew that’s been knocking over armored trucks in Wrath of Man, H makes him read his son’s autopsy report. It’s revealed that when Jan shot Dougie, he hit the liver, lungs, spleen, and heart. H proceeds to shoot Jan in each of those spots, completing his vengeful plot; ending a long game that he’s played out over a series of several months, and under an assumed identity.

Jason Statham and his criminal associates stand in his office in Wrath of Man.

The Secret Life Of Jason Statham’s H

Known by the name of Patrick Hill, H signs up to work at Fortico Security, as an armored car guard. But everyone just calls him “H,” and acknowledges that there’s something off about this guy. He’s too cool and calm, and even Bullet (Holt McCallany), one of the coolest customers on the block, thinks he’s hiding something. Oh, how right you are, Bullet; as your new best friend isn’t who he says he is.

Patrick Hill is an alias, as H’s real last name is Hargreaves. And that’s not all he’s hiding, as he’s apparently the head of a criminal empire that does armored truck jobs themselves. As if that’s not enough juice to get things going in Wrath of Man, he’s got ties to the FBI, as an agent known as “The King” (Andy Garcia) gives him the information he needs to start killing his way to the identity of the crew that killed his son.

Jason Statham and Josh Hartnett in their armored truck in Wrath of Man.

How Did H End Up Working For Fortico?

Learning that the bank robbers that killed his son, and put him into a coma, seem to hit only trucks from Fortico Security, H forms a plan. Applying to work for the Wrath of Man employer, Jason Statham’s hard case is put through the paces. Making sure to look barely capable through all professional evaluations, H is hired by the supposed skin of his teeth. Which, of course, makes it a huge surprise that once he starts working for Fortico, he becomes their knight in a slightly darker black turtleneck.

It doesn’t take long for a crew to try and knock over a truck where H is present, and that’s when he starts to drop the act a little. Defending the car he’s assigned to with precision shooting, H slowly starts to show his true badass colors. For most of his Wrath of Man co-workers, this is a blessing; but there’s a traitor in their midst, directly connected to those that would do them all harm.

Holt McCallany, Jason Statham, and Josh Hartnett talking in the locker room in Wrath of Man.

The Fortico Traitor, And Their Motives, Revealed

If you got attached to Holt McCallany’s Bullet, I’ve got some bad news: he’s a traitor. Working as an inside man at Fortico Security, Wrath of Man’s most likeable co-worker is the inside man that’s been helping the mysterious robbers do their dirty work. And he reveals himself on Black Friday, as their biggest payday yet is in the works, as the crack team of ex-military soldiers are about to rob Fortico’s depot itself.

Lead by Jackson (Jeffrey Donovan), the group of robbers including Jan and Bullet are out to secure themselves a retirement plan. Feelin underappreciated by their country, and not digging civilian life, the gang starts turning to crime to fund their comfortable lives. It could have worked too, if it wasn’t for Jan killing Dougie in cold blood, and trying to send H to a similar fate. But the cocky Jan, always the hot head, seals his fate, and the fates of many others, in one vicious act of murder.

In a third act full of mass character death, H’s co-workers and Jan’s crew are all mowed down; leaving the two adversaries as the last men standing. That ties everything in Wrath of Man’s revenge fueled ride all together. Avenging his son, H can now go back to his life of crime and FBI contacts; while Jan has paid the ultimate price for extending his reach. Though Fortico Security shouldn’t expect him in at work on Monday, as he’s pretty much handed in his resignation by having his revenge.

There you have it: Jason Statham’s revenge, described in several, easy to manage steps. Should you have read this entire rundown without seeing the film, Wrath of Man is currently in theaters, should you want to enjoy the much louder and bloodier version. But don’t forget to check out what other 2021 movies await on the horizon, as you might just have your own personal score to settle at a theater near you.

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