Mark Wahlberg Pays Loving Tribute To Mother Alma Wahlberg On What Would Have Been Her 79th Birthday

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Mark Wahlberg and his family unfortunately experienced a major loss just recently. Alma Wahlberg, the matriarch of the family, sadly passed away following a battle with dementia. The sweet and funny woman was a fan-favorite presence on the A&E reality show Wahlburgers but, more importantly, she was a loving mother to her nine children. The late TV personality just passed, and she would have turned 79 on the day. With this, Mark Wahlberg took to social media to pay tribute to her with a sweet post.

Like his siblings, Mark Wahlberg had a close relationship with mother Alma, never hesitating to show his love and appreciation for her. And that same level of affection has only continued after her passing. On what would have been her 79th birthday, Wahlberg posted a picture of his mother and himself on Instagram and included a short but sweet caption:

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Mark Wahlberg’s message is a sweet and fitting way to pay tribute to his mother. When showing our love for something (whether they’re still with us or not), it can be difficult to express one’s self. But Wahlberg for a way to do so that is both brief and sentimental.

Alma Wahlberg’s bond with her children was more than apparent any time she appeared on Wahlburgers. Outside of the show, she also spoke about just how proud she was of her children and never hesitated to joke with them about who her favorite child was.

Both Mark Wahlberg and his brother, Donnie, paid tribute to their mother shortly after news of her death was reported. In a recent interview, Donnie Wahlberg was particularly candid about his relationship with his mother, calling her “without a doubt, the most loving human being” he’s ever known. Wahllberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy also honored her late mother-in-law with a sweet social media post.

Unfortunately, the Wahlbergs aren’t the only celebrities who’ve had to say goodbye to family members over the past several months. Russell Crowe, who’s recently done work on Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, recently lost his father and paid tribute to him with a beautiful social media post.

The loss of a loved one is difficult but, like Mark Wahlberg, many can still hold onto the memories they have of that person and find ways to remember them after their death. Michael Douglas, who lost late father Kirk Douglas last year, paid tribute to him on the first anniversary of his death. The children of Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy also paid tribute to the late icon on his birthday just recently.

The Wahlberg family is likely still processing the passing of their matriarch, and the gravity of the loss may feel especially real during this Mother’s Day weekend. Still, the family seems to be handling things well and taking comfort in the time they were blessed to have with Alma Wahlberg.

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