Mark Wahlberg Revealed How He Gained 20 Lbs In 3 Weeks And Now I’ve Lost My Appetite

Mark Wahlberg in Pain and Gain

A few days ago actor Mark Wahlberg , who routinely is the picture of fitness, surprised fans by showing a significant weight gain, that wasn't exactly muscle. The actor has apparently gained 20 pounds for a role in the movie Stu, and isn't done with the weight gain just yet.

While Wahlberg doesn't exactly looks like he's in the best shape anymore, the diet that he is currently on to gain this weight is apparently about as intensive as anything Dwayne Johnson has ever done. It doesn't appear Wahlberg gets to just sit back and eat rich food and call it a day. This doesn't actually sound like all that much fun.

According to chef Lawrence Duran, who is the one providing the menu for Mark Wahlberg's weight gain, who spoke with E!, the actor is currently eating about 7,000 calories a day, or about three times what the average American consumes. But Wahlberg isn't just eating what he wants. He's still on a strict diet that has him waking up at three o'clock in the morning to eat "pre-breakfast" which consists of four eggs, bacon, rice, and a protein shake. Then the actor does a workout, because he is still staying in shape despite the massive weight gain.

Mark Wahlberg basically eats a meal every three hours. There's lots of rice, and lots of meat. Each of those meals contains enough to be a regular meal for most of us, but rather than just doing three meals a day, Wahlberg is basically eating six meals a day, and he's doing this six days a week. He does get one cheat day every week. The actor apparently will go to one of his favorite restaurants and have pizza or pasta.

Chef Duran says that, because Mark Wahlberg has kept himself in such good shape for years, it should only take him a few weeks to shed the weight once it's time to do that. Any of the rest of us in a similar position could take months because our bodies aren't trained the way that his is.

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In Stu Mark Wahlberg will play a former professional fighter who transitions to acting. One assumes this look will be part of scenes after Stu has left the fight world and has let himself go.

So much for my belief that Mark Wahlberg just got to sit on the couch and eat cheeseburgers and drink beer to gain the wait. That at least would be fun but this all sounds like, work. While regular workouts certainly get your metabolism up so that Wahlberg is going to want to eat more than what's usual for most people, 7,000 calories is a lot for anybody. At a certain point food just probably doesn't become fun anymore, and food should always be fun, it's one of the few joys in life. Food and roller coasters, not necessarily in quick succession.

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