Ahead Of Venom 2, 6 Worst Things Carnage Has Done In Marvel Comics

Carnage roaring Venom Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is on the way, and while I'm sure many are somewhat aware of the type of threat Eddie Brock faces in the sequel, others don't know the half of it. Carnage may not be the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe, but when it comes to despicable and horrific acts, he's absolutely towards the top of the list.

Carnage is essentially the Joker of Marvel comics, but if the Joker had superpowers and we knew more about his origins. Ok, I guess it's fairer to say when it comes to villainy, Carnage and his host Cletus Kasady are truly in a league of their own. That's clear enough through some of his most devious acts in Marvel Comics, some of which we could see or hear about in the upcoming Venom movie.

Carnage in Marvel Comics

Murdered His Grandmother

For those that didn't know, Cletus Kasady was a pretty sadistic and twisted individual from a very young age. It all started when his parents walked in on him torturing the family dog, but even that (as awful as that is) doesn't hold a candle to the fact that he murdered his own grandmother.

Granted, she wasn't exactly a sweet type of old granny and physically abusive to Kasady much like the rest of his family. But even so, the fact that Kasady as a child meticulously planned for the right moment to shove his grandmother down the stairs in order to ensure her death is pretty jarring. Sometime after, Kasady was sent to an orphanage, but as readers will find out, things didn't get much better for him there.

Carnage Cletus Kasady Marvel Comics

Burned An Entire Orphanage And Its Occupants To The Ground

After the murder of his grandmother, Cletus Kasady was sent to an orphanage called St. Estes Home for Boys. The children, perhaps sensing that he wasn't all that normal, targeted Kasady and bullied him unmercifully. The same was true of the staff, and once again Kasady found himself in a situation in which everyone around him seemed to want to make him a target.

We'll learn down the line that Cletus Kasady doesn't need an excuse to be evil, but giving him one can really unleash the beast. Kasady murdered the disciplinarian administrator at the home, pushed a girl who refused to date him in front of a bus and murdered the occupants of the orphanage by burning it to the ground. This is essentially the origin of Kasady as a serial killer, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's mentioned in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Baby Carnage attacking Marvel Comics

Created A Baby Carnage

This may seem like a step down from literal murder, but I assure you this is up there with some of the worst things that Carnage has ever done. In a future timeline, the Carnage symbiote actually managed to find a new host, and it was someone very close to Peter Parker. The symbiote merged with Parker's infant son Benjy, and Baby Carnage began to wreak havoc on New York.

Unfortunately, the only way to cure Benjy was to use a sonic blast that left the infant deaf. Luckily, the infant's hearing was eventually restored via surgery, and the whole Carnage experience actually resulted in him manifesting spider abilities very early in life. Honestly, though, I have no idea what I'd do if I had to take care of a baby that also had Spider-Man's powers and what a nightmare that would be, so Carnage ultimately got the last laugh on all counts here.

Carnage looking insane Marvel Comics

Attacked Robbie Robertson's Wife

As an editor who reported on the villains of New York on a frequent basis, The Daily Bugle's Robbie Robertson had a target on his back. Unfortunately, he drew the attention of Carnage in one storyline, which gave the villain a motive to hurt someone close to the journalist for really no good reason at all. Carnage escaped prison and, on his way to the Daily Bugle office, just so happened to run into Robertson's wife Martha.

Carnage stabbed Martha and then proceeded to write "Carnage Rules" onto the wall of the elevator behind her. Surprisingly, he did not kill her but just imagine being in the same elevator with a terrifying figure while they proceed to write cringe graffiti behind you with your own blood. You want to complain, but there's really nothing that can be done, and in the end, Martha got off a lot better than most people who go toe-to-toe with Carnage.

Carnage getting way too close to Deadpool Marvel Comics

Murdered A Diner Full Of People

Perhaps the most horrifying thing about Carnage and Cletus Kasady is how easy it is for him to kill and that he'll gladly do it at the slightest provocation. Such was the case in Marvel's Deadpool and Carnage crossover, in which a police officer casually mentioned in a diner what he would do if he ever came face to face with the villain. Unfortunately, Carnage was there to hear the whole conversation and killed the man on the spot in broad daylight in a diner.

If that weren't enough, Carnage then blocked the exit to prevent anyone else from escaping. He then proceeded to murder a diner with men, women, and children inside, bringing the total death toll to around 12 for the incident. It's not the highest death toll attributed to Carnage, but the fact that he could kill so many at the drop of a hat should send a chill down anyone's sign that it's really just that easy for him.

Maximum Carnage Marvel Comics

Maximum Carnage

In what is considered one of the best Carnage stories of all time, the character really unleashed all hell on New York in a mega-crossover event. The villain teamed up with Shriek, Doppelganger, Demogoblin, and Carrion, and together they go on a killing spree throughout the city. Furthermore, Shriek used her psychic powers to turn the citizens of New York violent as well, which made the event quite a handful for Spider-Man, the other heroes, and Venom, who swapped sides with the good guys only out of hatred for Carnage.

Carnage unleashed hell on New York, and he and his gang killed a bunch of folks in the process. Ultimately it all came crashing down when Carnage double-crossed his allies, and order was ultimately restored. Unfortunately, no one tried to end the madness right there, and the Spider-Man characters ultimately left Kasady to be locked up once more.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is set to release Friday, September 24. CinemaBlend will continue to speculate and give background on all things related to the movie in the meantime, so be sure to read more things like our take on whether Tom Hardy's Venom will ever be a villain.

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