The Batman Offered New Look At Robert Pattinson’s Suit, And The Fans Have Thoughts

If the film industry didn't come to a screeching during the catastrophe that was 2020, we’d be a couple of weeks away from heralding the arrival of Matt ReevesThe Batman. Starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, and Paul Dano, among others, this revamp of Bruce Wayne’s crime fighting career is much moodier, and it shows in the latest look at Pattinson’s new Batsuit. And it’s all left the fans with some pretty passionate thoughts.

It looks like some official images The Batman’s merch line has made it to Twitter. And with that leak has come a lot of responses to some of the new art that’s come out. If you were wondering how much fans are digging the new Batsuit in the latest reboot of DC Comics’ legacy superhero, look no further than our first reaction.

There’s a lot of hype with some similar wording floating around the internet. But while there’s been an overwhelming approval of Robert Pattinson’s costuming for The Batman, there’s still room for jokes. And another tweeter found just the right subject matter to tackle, as the dark and brooding energy of Pattinson’s variant has some thinking he’s ready to go on a rant about how Hot Topic looked better with the lights turned down.

Is it too early to start the hashtag “#SadBatSummer?” Even though director Matt Reeves’ new vision of the classic character looks to put the “Goth” back in Gotham City with a March 2022 debut, you know this is a movie that’ll keep fans talking straight into the summer months. In fact, it’s already got some using references from The Mitchells vs. The Machines to proclaim that the results are going to be something beautiful. And we’ve only seen footage from a quarter of the film’s production schedule!

Not every reaction is praising the new way forward for The Batman, as along with a new look at Robert Pattinson’s, there was some new Riddler material revealed to the world. And the costume of Paul Dano’s variant on the legendary DC Comics character has been met with some of the most comedic resistance. As you’ll see in our next tweet, the Pulp Fiction memes are going to be strong with this one:

To be fair, the new concept for Dano’s Riddler isn’t universally despised. In fact, there are fans out there that enjoy it, as it kind of invokes the look of the Zodiac Killer, and really gives the character an air of menace. But yeah, our final tweet only further shows that there’s going to be quite a bit of gimp jokes in the run up to The Batman, which may or may not die down by time people remember that there’s a whole Mountain Dew flavor dedicated to the character:

The Batman is a little under a year away, and while we haven’t seen all that much footage, you can see that there’s no shortage of fan discourse. As there's probably a better look at Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman costume waiting in the distance, there will definitely be more bat-discussions ready to take place. We’ll see what the future brings as The Batman is slated to open in theaters on March 4, 2022, and the clock is still ticking towards that big day.

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