Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston Reveals Conversation He Had About His MCU Character And Thor: Love And Thunder

Tom Hiddleston in Thor: Ragnarok

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a behemoth force in the entertainment industry over the past decade and change of filmmaking. But certain stars got in on the ground floor in Phase 1, including Tom Hiddleston as the villainous Loki. And as Thor: Love and Thunder wraps principal photography, Hiddleston revealed a conversation he had about appearing in Taika Waititi’s upcoming blockbuster.

Thor: Love and Thunder will make Marvel history, as it’s the first time as hero has been given a fourth solo movie. The blockbuster will feature a ton of familiar faces including the Guardians of the Galaxy and the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster… but what about Loki? Ahead of his series premiering on Disney+, Tom Hiddleston spoke about his character’s current standing in the MCU, saying:

We talked about the Thor movies as a family saga, and the diametric opposition between Thor and Loki and duality and antagonism being a book that perhaps should remain closed for the moment. We have explored about as much as we can about these two brothers.

Well, there you have it. While Tom Hiddleston doesn’t seem to leaving the role of Loki behind him anytime soon, we seemingly shouldn’t expect to see him in Thor: Love and Thunder or any possible sequel. Mostly because Thor and Loki’s relationship has been fully fleshed out already. They finally ended in a good place, with each of them willing to sacrifice themselves to save the other from Thanos.

Tom Hiddleston’s comments to Empire (via Digital Spy) help to illuminate the plans for Loki’s future in the MCU. Thor: Love and Thunder will mark the first time that the title character’s brother won’t heavily factor into the story. After all, Loki died in the main timeline during Avengers: Infinity War’s opening sequence.

The Infinity Saga and Loki are both available on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Luckily for Marvel fans, we’re getting more of Tom Hiddleston’s signature villain in Disney+’s Loki series. After stealing the Tesseract and creating an alternate timeline, the new show will seemingly follow as Loki goes on various adventures through the multiverse. Fingers crossed that he gets to use “Get Help” throughout the course of its run. As a reference, you can check out that iconic Thor: Ragnarok scene below.

With Loki and Thor’s stories now splitting into different directions, it seems like the sky’s the limit for both Asgardian characters. Taika Waititi has been teasing what a massive story Thor: Love and Thunder is, so it looks like he wasn’t hindered by Tom Hiddleston’s absence. And now that his villain is living outside of the main timeline, there’s no telling how long he’ll continue playing the God of Mischief.

Loki is streaming now on Disney+ and Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters May 6th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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