Holy Keanu, Has The Matrix 4's Title Been Revealed?

With each passing sequel in The Wachowski’s Matrix trilogy, cryptic words beginning with an r-word would mark a new chapter in the journey for Keanu Reeves’ Neo. As the Reloaded world gave way to Revolutions that drew the saga to a supposed close, audiences have wondered what The Matrix 4’s full title would do to fit or break that potential mold. And should this latest rumor be proven true, The Matrix Resurrections just might be the title to Lana Wachowski’s third sequel in the series she co-created. Holy Keanu, kids.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard the title The Matrix Resurrections floated around, as it was previously put into the world through a social media post from someone who worked on the film. However, if a random fan reaction on Twitter is to be believed, not only is this the official title for The Matrix 4, but the proof of its existence came from a test screening held recently by Warner Bros. And the first alleged reaction to both the title, and the film, is really promising for a sequel over a decade in the making.

Comparing the film to Cloud Atlas, Twitter user David Manning claiming that The Matrix Resurrections is the official title has gone on record as stating that this new installment will be quite divisive. Perhaps the greatest bit of praise happens to be the claim that those who love the movie will be quite enthusiastic about that fact. At the very least, it sounds like The Matrix 4 will spark just the same reaction as its two predecessors, which is pretty consistent.

Of course, this Matrix 4 rumor needs to be taken with more than a grain of salt. For starters, it’s pretty easy to claim that the new title would be something that’s already gathered steam through previous reports. Not to mention, if Matrix 4 star Jessica Henwick hasn’t seen a cut of the film, there’s a good chance that public test screenings haven’t started just yet.

But let’s say that The Matrix Resurrections happens to be the proper title. Should that be the case, it could be the first clue of how the pretty dead Neo and Trinity are returning to the Matrix fold. Not to mention, it could leave the door open for other characters from the original trilogy to return, whether it’s in this film or potential future installments.

With all of the reports indicating that The Matrix 4 underwent a rather intense and costly shoot to wind up in the can, there’s no doubt that Warner Bros is going to need the right title to sell the finished product. The Matrix Resurrections sounds like it could be the horse that wins the race, but we’ll just have to wait for official confirmation from the studio before really getting excited. So don’t be surprised if this name changes, or stays the same, when the first trailer lands in anticipation of The Matrix 4’s December 22 release date.

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Mike Reyes
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