Mark Hamill Stirs Up The Star Wars Milk Debate Again So Let The Fan Arguing Begin

Luke Skywalker getting green milk in The Last Jedi

Blue milk or green milk? Ever since the introduction of green milk in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, fans have been wondering which is better. Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, has shared his thoughts on the blue milk served at the Galaxy's Edge amusement park and has revealed the truth about the infamous green milk for The Last Jedi. Mark Hamill has now stirred up the debate again, sparking fans to argue (the way Star Wars fans love to do).

Star Wars fandom can be tribal. Having an opinion about anything Star Wars related can be divisive. Opinions like: do you prefer the prequels or the sequels, or do you think Kylo Ren is a convincing villain? Everything is debated and dissected, and none more fiercely than blue milk versus green milk. Mark Hamill recently brought up the debate again on Twitter, sparking more conversation amongst fans.

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Mark Hamill replies to a fan’s simple question of “what’s the taste difference” regarding blue milk versus green milk. Hamill gives his take on both, setting the record straight on the differences between the two and which one is better. Mark Hamill says the original blue milk was warm, oily, and not so great tasting, while the green milk from The Last Jedi was dyed, non-dairy coconut milk, which was actually tasty. This might cause controversy, but the best tasting of the two is the green milk.

So there you have it. Green milk tastes better than blue milk, and for pretty good reasons. The blue milk Luke enjoyed on Tatooine was made from milk meant for camping trips that could last without refrigeration, which doesn’t sound very appetizing and like a chore to actually drink. Green milk, on the other hand, is just coconut water they dyed in postproduction. The green milk sounds refreshing compared to the blue milk, and we can speculate from Hamill’s revelation which one he’d rather drink.

Mark Hamill is always one to spark conversations o twitter for fans to have a field day with. Hamill frequently responds to fan theories like the horrifying Ewok theory, Star Wars conspiracy theories, and questions about his own character Luke Skywalker. Hamill recently had a touching exchange with a grieving father offering words offering a comforting message in the wake of a tragedy. Mark Hamill is a gem, and his Twitter is the source of constant joy for Star Wars fans.

Stirring the pot and having fun with fans is something Mark Hamill clearly loves doing, and we hope he doesn’t stop any time soon. Luke Skywalker has once again sparked the great Star Wars milk debate and has revealed that green milk is the best tasting of the two, essential declaring green milk supremacy. This development will only fuel the heated debate further, and fans will be happy to continue to argue on behalf of their milk of preference.

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