Of Course, Fans Were All Over Captain America’s Birthday Over Fourth Of July Weekend

Sam Wilson receiving the shield in Avengers: Endgame

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While this past 4th of July weekend was sure to be a blowout (as last year’s festivities were severely lacking due to the ongoing pandemic), Marvel fans were celebrating for a little bit of a different reason. The 1st and 4th of July hold a special place in the hearts of Canadians and Americans due to their respective holidays, but in the MCU the 4th marks the birthday of Captain America. Of course, fans were all over it on social media.

For some people, Marvel fans in particular, the 4th of July is more than just the birthday of America - it’s the birthday of Captain America too. Fan accounts of the MCU used the holiday weekend to pay homage to the superhero, and some were pretty heartfelt well wishes for the “Sentinel of Liberty." One Twitter user gives a beautiful tribute to Steve Rogers in her post, which you can check out for yourself below:

There is plenty to celebrate in the MCU. Steve Rogers got the happy ending he more than deserves, and luckily we have a brand new Cap thanks to Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Fans are sending their love to former Falcon turned America’s favorite hero Sam Wilson on the birthday of his new superhero identity. Take a look at one fan’s post giving love to Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and all the other men who have been Captain America:

While it’s such a beautiful sentiment to include all the past and present men who have been Captain America, some fans have a completely different idea. One Twitter user made some pretty funny memes about Captain America’s birthday, honoring both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson while excluding one person in particular who briefly wielded Captain America’s shield. Here’s a tribute showing some major shade at John Walker, the man originally chosen by the government to become the new Captain America after Rogers’ retirement:

It would seem that some Americans are skipping the fireworks in favor of a binge day. After all, what else could be more appropriate for Captain America’s birthday. Now that Falcon and the Winter Soldier is here and complete, it would pretty much take all day to get through all the Captain America content on Disney+ anyway - who has time for fireworks? One fan even lays out their watch schedule for the 4th:

The 4th of July may be the OG Captain America Steve Rogers/ birthday, but it would seem that as fans have accepted Sam Wilson wholeheartedly as their new Cap-- they have started to celebrate him right along with Rogers on the 4th. It’s only the beginning of this new Captain America’s journey, but it will hopefully be a long one with many future celebratory birthdays. It’s unclear if we’ll see Anthony Mackie return to the MCU before the next Captain America movie, but it’s very possible. Captain America 4 is in the works, but seemingly a long way down the road, probably with another birthday happening first.

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