Marvel Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Deadpool’s Surprise MCU Entrance With Korg

Deadpool and Korg

Nobody was quite expecting yesterday to be a big day for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow arrived last week and Loki's finale didn't drop until today. But in between those two events was truly a moment that shook the MCU to its core as Deadpool was finally welcomed into the franchise...sort of. In a moment that showed the power that is the Disney brand machine, a "trailer reaction" for the new Fox movie Free Guy dropped online that starred Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool persona, alongside Thor: Ragnarok's Korg, marking the first time the Merc With a Mouth has interacted directly with a member of the MCU.

While this may have been more commercial than canon, that hasn't stopped fans from absolutely loving it. The video is legitimately funny and Deadpool and Korg make a remarkably good duo. To be sure, this video doesn't really mean anything as far as what Marvel Studios' plans for Deadpool are. It doesn't tell us when, or even if, Deadpool 3 will happen in any real way. It does, however, show that Deadpool can work in the MCU, even if only in a small way, and that has people very excited.

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Using Korg as Deadpool's co-host here was certainly not a random choice. Taika Waititi co-stars in Free Guy alongside Ryan Reynolds and so it made all the sense in the world to pair the two of them up for this video. Korg also being one of funnier members of the MCU in general certainly didn't hurt. And as a comedy duo, they are great. Deadpool is always quick with the wit, while Korg is...a bit slow, in basically every way. I'm not sure anybody saw this pair as the perfect MCU team-up, but it's great and now we want to see more of it.

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But if we're talking MCU team-ups, then the floodgates are now open. If we can see Deadpool with Korg, then certainly, even if it's just in a "non-canon" capacity, we could see Deadpool with anybody else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool has had his share of run-ins with all the heroes in Marvel Comics, but among them all, there's one character that Deadpool has always had a strong relationship with. And so fans are now ready to see Deadpool and Spider-Man team up on the big screen.

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Of course, what fans really want is more Deadpool movies. While seeing this video doesn't really get us any closer to that, it does show that the parent company doesn't want us forgetting about Deadpool anytime soon. And so while we have no idea when we might see more of Ryan Reynolds' character, we hopefully will see Deadpool in an MCU movie eventually. And based on this video, we may have found the perfect choice to direct it.

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Taika Waititi is a little bust these days. He's working on post-production for Thor: Love and Thunder, and then he has a little project in the Star Wars universe to work on, but maybe there's room for Deadpool 3 in there somewhere. It's certainly not a terrible choice.

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