Deadpool Just Officially Joined The MCU In The Most Deadpool Way Possible

Ever since Disney bought Fox fans have been waiting to see what's next for Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Disney has been publicly in favor of keeping that franchise going, but how the R-rated character would fit into the family-friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe, was far from clear. But now, it's sort of happened. Deadpool has made an appearance alongside another MCU character in a new video. Deadpool, and Thor: Ragnarok's Korg are doing a reaction video for Reynolds' new film Free Guy. Welcome to what happens when brand synergy eats its own tail.

But it has to be said, this video is hilarious. The two characters are doing a classic YouTube "reaction video" to the Free Guy trailer. Deadpool is snide and sarcastic just how we remember him. Korg is hilariously slow on the uptake. Free Guy already looked like a funny movie but it gets even better with these two watching the trailer. Check it out.

This video is everything you'd expect from Deadpool in what is essentially his first real appearance under the Disney banner. He makes a series of jokes at the expense of Disney and the purchase of Fox by the company, which is the reason Free Guy is getting this odd brand cooperation. He even calls out Deadpool 2 and its decision to "fridge" a character. At the end, he actually talks a bit of smack about Ryan Reynolds, implying that Free Guy is part of the reason we haven't seen Deadpool 3 yet.

As the video itself points out, the inclusion of Korg here wasn't a random decision purely for comedic purposes. Taika Waititi, who voices Korg, has a role in Free Guy, and clearly somebody saw that these two had Marvel connections and had the idea to bring it all together to promote Ryan Reynolds' new film. Whether this is brilliance or insanity is still unclear. The fact is that only Disney would even be capable of putting something like this together. You have to own...everything, in order to get Marvel characters to appear in a promo for a 20th Century Studios film that takes shots at Disney+.

Of course, this video isn't exactly MCU "canon" but it does give us a pretty good idea of just what Deadpool in the MCU might actually look like. There are a few points where Deadpool's language needs to be bleeped, but for the most part he keeps it PG-13. One could certainly imagine that if Deadpool actually met Korg in a movie, their interactions would go pretty much like this. Of course, now I want Korg to appear in Deadpool 3. Korg needs to become Deadpool's new sidekick.

All this was done to bring more attention to Free Guy, and it's a safe bet that, as far as that goes, it will probably work. Fans of the MCU and Deadpool are going to love to watch this and it might very well get people to go check out the new comedy who otherwise might not have done so. Free Guy opens August 13.

Dirk Libbey
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