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After Disney Reveals Pricey Cost For New Star Wars Hotel, Universal Orlando Has Amusingly Cheeky Response

Since the advent of social media, brands have found increasingly unique ways to reach out to their customers online. Some interact directly with fans, some harness the power of memes, and some engage in some good-natured trolling of their competitors. That’s exactly what Universal Studios did after Disney revealed the (very pricey) cost of its new Star Wars hotel -- and the company even managed to incorporate a throwback to another golden social media moment.

The rollout for Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser experience hasn’t been as smooth as the company probably would have liked. After it revealed the pricing packages for the new Star Wars-themed accommodation, the response from fans online wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. And the team at Disney probably didn’t anticipate that one of their biggest rivals would jump at the chance to get in a dig -- but that’s exactly what Universal Studios Orlando Resort’s official Twitter account did:

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It’s safe to say Universal Studios’ social media team has mastered the art of the subtweet. While the tweet didn’t directly reference the griping that was happening on Twitter regarding the Galactic Starcruiser, the timing (and the fact that it came from the resort’s account) made it clear what the company was referring to.

If you haven’t been following Universal Studios’ tweets recently, the reference to churros might be a little confusing. But it was actually a reference to a nearly year-old inside joke among fans of the park that started after the construction of the Islands of Adventure VelociCoaster began. After trolling fans about what was happening in the construction zone, one came to the conclusion that the park was building a churro stand. The social media team embraced the churro joke, and the fans ate it up. And the whole affair had a particularly delicious payoff when the VelicoCoaster opened, complete with a nearby churro stand.

Unfortunately, Disney’s social media admins may have a harder time turning the Galactic Starcruiser situation into a feel-good moment. However, the company is still in the early stages of rolling out the experience, so there's plenty of time to evolve and help fans get on board.

The hotel itself is extravagantly priced, but it still may become an essential part of the Disney experience for Star Wars fans. When details about the accommodation began to emerge, it became clear that it’s not like normal hotels and that guests who stay there will have a chance to live out their very own Star Wars story.

In that way, it’s designed to be like an attraction all on its own and not just a place where fans can crash for the night after a long day at the park. With food and lodging included in the Galactic Starcruiser package, it may be worth the price for die-hard fans -- even if there aren’t any churros on the menu.