First Look At Disney World's Newest Restaurant Is Out Of This World

Space 220 restaurant concept art

Disney World's Epcot is currently undergoing a major transformation that is going to bring a lot of new experiences into the park. The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster is probably the most exciting, but for those of us that enjoy eating at Disney World as much as we enjoy the attractions, one of the new additions that has had us very curious is Space 220: a new restaurant that makes you feel like you're enjoying your meal 220 miles above the earth. While that idea sets the imagination on fire, we haven't known what that really meant. Today, we finally got a look inside the new restaurant, which is only a month away from opening.

The concept art above was released back in 2019 when Space 220 was first announced, and it's been the only indication of just what a dining experience at the restaurant would look like. But today Disney World released a video, via the Instagram of Imagineer Zach Riddley, where he gives us a brief tour of the new location, including the dining room, where all the windows look out on the earth below. Check it out.

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I'm ready to make reservations right now. This looks like just the sort of place I'd love to have a meal in a theme park. It looks like a relaxing place to have some food or a drink simply because it's entirely closed off from the rest of Epcot. For a while you can pretend you're not even inside a theme park, as even if you have a window seat, and everybody is going to want a window seat, you can't see the park that surrounds you. Making reservations isn't an option yet, but it will be pretty soon. Disney has confirmed a mid-September opening for Space 220, putting the restaurant only about a month away.

Space 220 feels like it's almost a dry run for the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser. It's a dining location that relies heavily on its design and theme to give you an experience as much as it is going to give you a meal. The idea, when you step into the elevator, is to feel like you're heading up and out of the earth's atmosphere; you feel like you're in space when you arrive. It's a place to eat, but it's also an attraction of sorts.

The only other missing piece is the menu. The description of the food according to the Walt Disney World website is "modern American cuisine, out-of-this-world cocktails and a wide selection of craft beer." That, of course, covers a lot of ground, so we'll need to wait until the actual menu is released to see what it all means. One hopes the menu will be released when reservations go live so those looking to book a table will know what their options are.

With Space 220 opening next month it will hit just before two other big new additions, the new Harmonious nighttime spectacular and Remy Ratatouille Adventure, which are both set to open October 1, the day Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration begins.

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