A Woman Jumped Off A Disney World Ride To Steal A Cucumber And Fell In The Water, No Really

One can never underestimate the crazy things people will do at theme parks. Over the years we've seen stories of guests getting in fights with each other, employees of theme parks being attacked, and more than a few cases of people getting drunk and doing really dumb stuff. You can basically set your watch by people doing crazy things at Walt Disney World and we have our newest example as a woman has been captured on video jumping off the Living with the Land attraction at Epcot in order to apparently take a cucumber from the greenhouse. Though she doesn't get away scot-free as she actually falls in the water before getting back in the boat.

Living with the Land is a simple boat ride found in Epcot's The Land pavilion which shows guests how new technology is being used to aid in agriculture. It culminates in a ride through a functioning greenhouse. where food is being grown, and it appears that one woman was really curious how the cucumbers tasted, as she hopped off the boat in order to snag one, but it all ended badly. Check it out.

The video was posted to Twitter, though it appears to be a repost of a video from Tiktok, though the original from @marthalorena, has since been taken down. The video shows a woman hop off the Living with the Land boat, pull something off of a plant, but she seems to need to pull harder than she thought to get it off, and the force causes her to fall backward, with her leg falling between the boat and the side of the greenhouse, which is actually quite dangerous. With some help, she seems to get out unscathed.

According to some reports, the woman apparently jumped off the Living with the Land boat multiple times over the course of the attraction. Since there are people actually working the greenhouse space most of the time, she would have been seen. Needless to say, this was likely a bad move by somebody who wants to be able to go back to theme parks anytime soon.

While it's unclear what, if anything, happened to this woman, odds are there was somebody from security ready to meet her at the exit of the attraction. It's certainly possible that this woman was banned from the property for jumping off a ride not just once but multiple times is potentially dangerous, as she ended up proving by nearly being hurt.

And the crazy part of the whole thing is, if you're curious how the food tastes in the Epcot greenhouse, there's no need to grab it. All you have to do is eat food at Epcot. The food that is produced there is actually used throughout the resort, including at places like the Garden Grill restaurant that is just upstairs from this ride. If you want to know how the cucumbers taste just go up and order a salad.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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