Candyman Reviews Have Arrived, Here's What Critics Are Saying About The New Horror Remake

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Candyman

In the annals of horror history, Candyman might not quite have the history or pedigree as other icons, but the original 1992 film is still celebrated by many. And so with that riding on its shoulders, the new Candyman from Nia DeCosta, had a lot to live up to. However, according to nearly all critics, the new Candyman doesn't simply do justice to its name, it might actually surpass the original in terms of quality, as Candyman is getting rave reviews.

CinemaBlend's own Sarah El-Mahmoud is one of those that found a lot to appreciate in the new Candyman. She specifically calls out Nia DeCosta's direction. This may be a familiar franchise, but the new Candyman is a new and distinct film that is clearly the work of a director with a clear vision. The review reads in part...

Nia DaCosta affirms her style and proves herself a distinct director who wants to reach out and feel the story being told through every element of her filmmaking.

The new Candyman works as both remake and sequel, following on the events of the original Candyman, but seeing the neighborhood where that film took place gentrified by Anthony and Briana, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Teyonah Parris. While the events of the previous Candyman, and its sequels, are technically part of this story, IGN says that one of the things the new Candyman does best is manage itself as part of the franchise, fixing the elements that need fixing and using those that work, making it potentially the best possible version of itself...

Nia DaCosta's slow-burn sequel makes Candyman feel vital, both building on and course-correcting the movies in the series that came before it.

The original Candyman was certainly a film that had more to offer than just blood and death, and so it's likely no surprise that the new movie was co-written by Jordan Peele, who has already made a name for himself as a writer of horror movies with an edge of societal critique. While the Washington Post sees the new Candyman as a good film overall, it doesn't see it as the best film of its type, even among those to which Peele lent a pen...

As an example of scary story/social critique, it's a cut above Peele's Us, but far less incisive than his Oscar-winning debut, Get Out.

Nearly every review found right now on Rotten Tomatoes is positive, but they're not all glowing endorsements. When that's the case you will certainly see a few outliers who don't think Candyman works overall. Vanity Fair is one of those that feels that Candyman adds up to be something less than the sum of its parts, saying...

The movie prefers to tell rather than show, making for an incomplete fusion of social commentary and gothic scares.

While Candyman might not be perfect, it is clearly still pretty damn good, which will likely make horror fans all over quite happy. Candyman will be intheaters Friday.

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