F9’s Vin Diesel And Helen Mirren Shared A Dance In The Rain, And I Need It In Fast 10

The newest entry in the Fast & Furious franchise didn't have quite the explosive debut that it was likely expecting when it was finished, but the new movie still brought audiences to theaters and gave them all the automotive action they were likely hoping for. What it didn't have, what we didn't know it needed, was a scene where Vin Diesel and Helen Mirren dance in the rain. That only happened behind the scenes, and now we need to see it in the next movie.

Hellen Mirren reprised her role as Magdalene Shaw for F9 and it was a great appearance for her because she actually got to do some driving this time around. She was very excited about that fact, but it turns out that's not the only awesome thing she got to do on set. She shared a picture to Instagram recently which shows her dancing with Vin Diesel when the cameras weren't rolling, and I think the stakes for Fast and Furious 10 just got raised.

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Mirren is clearly thrilled to be dancing with Vin Diesel, and based on the look on his face, Diesel is having an equally good time. As well he should be, he's dancing with Dame Helen Mirren after all. He's dancing with Hollywood royalty It's now completely understandable why these two had such remarkable chemistry on the big screen. They clearly get along really well off screen as well, and that almost certainly translated to the movie.

Helen Mirren Fast & Furious experience has been a somewhat remarkable one, considering that it all began when the actress just happened to mention in an interview that she wanted to join the series and drive cars really fast. When Vin Diesel learned of her interest, he seemed to like the idea and then it actually happened. Mirren appeared in both The Fate of the Furious and the spinoff movie Hobbs & Shaw. The only problem was, at no point in either movie did she actually get to do any stunt driving.

That finally changed in F9. While Helen Mirren's appearance in F9 isn't any longer than her previous scenes, nearly the entire thing takes place behind the wheel of a car with Vin Diesel in the passenger seat. Whether they were dancing in the rain before or after filming is unclear, but it certainly looks like everybody just had a blast making this part of the movie.

So clearly, what this means is that when Dom and Magdalene cross paths in Fast & Furious 10, it needs to be at some sort of fancy party, and they end up having a conversation about the criminal underworld while doing a waltz. It's what needs to happen.

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