Johnny Knoxville Confirmed Jackass Forever’s Delay In A Dangerous Way, Because Of Course

This week, Hollywood’s unfortunate cycle of delaying major releases due to the pandemic continued with a number of big movies getting new release dates. Top Gun: Maverick is now set to come out next summer instead of this holiday season, Ghostbusters: Afterlife was moved down the theatrical calendar just a tad and Jackass Forever is no longer part of this October’s slate. The Johnny Knoxville-led slapstick comedy has been moved to next year, and its daring star has found a very on-brand way to make the announcement.

Jackass Forever is an especially important Jackass release because it is set to be Johnny Knoxville’s last time fronting the series, because as he puts it, one can only take “so many chances before something irreversible happens.” Knoxville took to his Instagram to update fans about the new Jackass Forever release date, and obviously there was a stunt involved:

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Johnny Knoxville seems to have climbed (or was airlifted?) on top of a billboard to scratch out the “soon” in the Jackass Forever poster and confirm it will be coming on February 4, 2022. As far as things go for the personality, this is actually a pretty tame antic, but it definitely gets the point across. Fans are going to have to wait four months longer to see it.

With that new date, Jackass Forever has its own weekend at the moment, with a couple big weekends sandwiched around it. In the last weekend of January before it, the Marvel vampire film Morbius and the horror movie The Black Phone are coming to theaters, whereas Death on the Nile and the Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson-led romantic comedy Marry Me will be coming out the week after.

Based on those other movies, Jackass Forever still has a chance to carve out its own successful box office release and likely have a better chance than with its prior date. It was originally scheduled for October 22; the science fiction epic Dune has recently been moved to that very date, and Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch and the animated film Ron’s Gone Wrong also come out that day.

October is also currently packed with other major titles, like the new James Bond movie No Time To Die, along with Halloween Kills and Venom: Let There Be Carnage (unless the recent rumors prove to be true after all and it shifts dates). Jackass Forever is catapulting itself out of a cluttered month and will likely benefit from this, even if fans find themselves a bit bummed out it’s being pushed back. But hey, Johnny Knoxville can only tag a billboard so many times, so hopefully it sticks there.

Jackass Forever will also star Jackass regulars like Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius and Dave England, and features guest appearances by Eric André, Tony Hawk, Machine Gun Kelly and Tyler the Creator among many others.

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