As Rumors Swirl About New Pirates Of The Caribbean Project, Fans Have Thoughts About Johnny Depp

It's been more than four years since the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie was released by Walt Disney Studios. In that time we know there has been work behind-the-scenes to get not one, but two different films off the ground. However, what's been clear since very early on is that whatever happens with the future of this franchise, it will not include Johnny Depp. This fact has frustrated the Johnny Depp fan base to no end, and now a new rumor of yet another potential Pirates of the Caribbean movie has set the wheels turning yet again.

While the rumor is entirely unsubstantiated, and likely not true, the accuracy of the rumor is secondary to the fact that it has once again set the wolves on Disney for deciding that Johnny Depp is persona non grata within Pirates of the Caribbean. The idea that Disney could make not one, but actually three different Pirates movies, and leave Depp out of all of them, has Depp's fans frustrated. Many are saying they'd never watch any film in the franchise that doesn't include him.

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Previously it has been reported that a pair of Pirates of the Caribbean movies were in development at Disney. One was the somewhat obvious Pirates of the Caribbean 6, some sort of follow-up on the existing franchise, but again, one that would focus on a different character and not include Captain Jack Sparrow. The second project is allegedly set to star Margot Robbie, and would not be a direct sequel. It might be a spinoff of the existing franchise, or alternatively some sort of reboot.

It's possible that both the films, and even this alleged third movie, if it ends up being real, are all just different takes on the franchise to see which one works best. Of course, a lot of fans think what would work best is Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Which is not to say that everybody talking about Pirates of the Caribbean right now is on the Johnny Depp bandwagon. There are those that would welcome a new take on the franchise that is without Jack Sparrow. Even some of those who might have appreciated Depp's Oscar-nominated performance the first time around have clearly become tired of it, and others didn't like it all that much to begin with.

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Whether on the big screen or Disney+, whether one movie or a dozen, it seems likely that there will be another Pirates of the Caribbean movie at some point, and sooner rather than later. What also seems clear, however, is that Johnny Depp won't be part of it. Will the next movie suffer because of a lack of Jack Sparrow, or will a different set of fans become more excited by the next film because it tries something fresh and new, making it yet another hit? One way or another, we likely discover the answer eventually.

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