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Taylor Lautner may seem like the most famous man-boy on the planet, if only because his face is plastered on every magazine, billboard, and blog on the planet. But the truth is that he’s only known for Twilight and unless he wants to become Mark Hamill he’ll need to do more. The LA Times says he may solve that problem by becoming a teenage superhero.

They say he’s considering Max Steel, a movie based on an international kids toy and cartoon franchise. It’s about a teenage extreme sports junkie who gains superpowers through nanotechnology and becomes a super spy. It’s not actually all that popular here in America, there aren’t exactly legions of pre-teens clamoring for this movie in Oregon for instance. But it’s hugely popular in South America and there’s big money to be made overseas. If they get Lautner in the lead (and they invent some excuse for him to take his shirt off) they may be able to get American kids, or American girls at least, interested as well.

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