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You've surely seen the trailers for the latest trasherific spoof Transylmania floating around the CW during your favorite shows such as 90210, and Vampire Diaries, but it looks like that's about all anyone saw.

The gang over at Box Office Mojo is reporting that the “comedy” raked in a whopping $263,941 at over 1,000 screens. Let's get out our calculators and do some math shall we? Some simple division tells us that each screen pulled in all of $263.94 over the weekends, divide that by the average current ticket price, $10, and you find out that per screen, over a three day stretch, Transylmania was seen by 27 people if I round up. Divide by the three day weekend, and you'll conclude that nine people per day per screen saw this movie.

And that is in fact the record for lowest-grossing opening for a film ever, taking the crown away from 1991's Rich Girl. With any hope, studios will finally give up on these low budget, low brow wastes of time and money.

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