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After toiling in Hollywood's visual effects departments for two decades, Eric Brevig kicked off a directing career with a deeply silly movie that I unabashedly loved, 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. The gig led him to both a potential sequel and a job directing a Yogi Bear movie, which seemed a little beneath him after shoving Brendan Fraser through an underground mine, but hey, a job's a job.

But now Brevig seems to be taking on something that, while not above exactly, seems a little ambitious for the guy who handled the visual effects for Wild Wild West just 10 years ago. Slashfilm unearthed an item in a Korea Times article about 2010 Korean cinema, in which they also pointed out Hollywood productions that would be visiting their shores:

Eric Brevig, who directed last year's computer graphics-packed Journey to the Center of the Earth, will direct a big-budget 3D film about the Korean War, said Madmedia. The script is set to be ready by early next year and preproduction is to be completed by October. The shooting is scheduled to begin here around November. Brevig is said to have been inspired after watching Kang Je-gyu's Korean War blockbuster ``Tae Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War.'' It is slated for release in 2012.

There's really not much other information on the project out there, other than a tidbit at this link (all in Korean) that apparently explains that only 6 or 7% of the film will be shot in South Korea, with the rest heading over to America's personal visual effects house, New Zealand. Clearly Brevig is interested in the topic, given that the Korean War isn't exactly a hot-button issue in America, and he may be able to combine his visual effects skills with a personal interest and make this a movie that truly demonstrates his talent as a director. Or it could be an embarrassing war movie made by the guy who brought you Yogi Bear. I guess you can choose how optimistic you'd like to be.

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