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What's left to say about Martin Scorsese? In 1973, he burst onto the scene with the mob tale Mean Streets bringing an unknown Robert DeNiro with him into Hollywood stardom. And now almost 40 years later, Scorcese is one of the most exciting names in Tinsel Town, gearing up to release yet another guaranteed blockbuster, Shutter Island.

The 67-year-old film maker recently sat down with French website Le Monde, which Google Translate has done its damnedest to Americanize for us. Scorsese tells the site that his next project will be another novel adaptation, this one aimed more at family. The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a mystery set in Paris, chronicling the exciting life of an orphan thief living inside the walls of a train station. Scorcese has had the rights to the book since 2007, and says that his film Silence has been temporarily put on hold so he could shoot Hugo Cabret first, with Silence to follow soon after.

To our benefit, these aren't the only two projects he has ready to go as he's keeping himself quite busy for the next few years. Already deep in production on an HBO series Boardwalk Empire, Scorcese is developing a Frank Sinatra biopic, a Franklin Roosevelt project that he'll produce, and is trying hard to get The Irishman lined up to follow Silence, which would reunite him with his original protege, Robert DeNiro for the first time since Casino in 1995.

This is an exciting time for Scorcese fans (read: everyone), so keep an eye out for Hugo Cabret casting once the promotional blitz for Shutter Island cools off.

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