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Nicole Kidman is apparently on a comedy kick. She recently signed on to do a sorta-secret cameo in the Adam Sandler romantic comedy Just Go With It, and now Vulture reports she's signed on to a movie that they describe as "the female Hitch." Yes, Nicole Kidman, who has lately become notorious box office poison, is taking a page from Will Smith's playbook. There have been worse ideas.

The film in question is The Wedding Doctor, in which Kidman plays a relationship expert who analyzes couples before they get married. Of course, she meets one pair of clients and falls for the groom-to-be, "triggering a showdown with his fiancee." With the bad taste of Bride Wars still in my mouth, I fully expect this to be another one of those movies in which grown women act like petulant children for the sake of laughs. And this time they'll be bringing an actual Oscar winner down with them.

But then again, Kidman needs to prove that someone, anyone will pay to see her in the movies again if she wants to keep making any projects at all, and this is better than an attempt to try to make Australia 2 or something.

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