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It was a long hard battle, but someone has finally emerged victorious in the fight for a chance to grace the big screen alongside Reese Witherspoon. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that exciting, but according to EW, Chris Pine did beat out Seth Rogen for the part in McG’s spy comedy This Means War, making it to the early negotiations stage.

The role originally belonged to Bradley Cooper, but he had to drop out when the shooting schedule conflicted with that of The Hangover 2, or so they say. A little rumor floated around that Cooper had the time to do the project, but it was his “creative concerns” that led to his exit. That left us with Pine and Rogen fighting for the role of one of two spy best friends fighting over the same woman (Witherspoon). Now that they’ve got spy #1, Fox is hunting down Pine’s counterpart.

Of the three potentials, I’m glad Pine ended up victorious. As we pointed out in our last article about the film, Witherspoon has a knack for dragging comedies into formulaic territory. Cooper is obviously fantastic in The Hangover, but after All About Steve, it’s certain he has the potential to follow in Witherspoon’s footsteps. Rogen could have been a fine choice, possibly adding some raunchier comedy, but let’s face it, Pine is simply more spy-like. Plus, Pine can be quite funny. He had a couple quips or two in Star Trek, but his character in Bottle Shock is the film’s source of comic relief and he’s quite successful in the role.

But let’s face it, regardless of how good Pine is, how appropriate his partner could be or if Witherspoon manages to get this one just right, it’s McG’s movie to ruin.

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