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The Ryan Murphy-directed and Julia Roberts-starring Eat Pray Love hasn't even hit theaters yet, but Sony has already decided that's a team they want to keep in their stable. Deadline is reporting that the studio has paid Murphy $5 million to write and direct and untitled romantic comedy in which Roberts will play a working woman forced to go back to domestic life when she loses her job and her husband starts working instead. Yes, it's Mr. Mom in reverse. No, there's no reason this formula won't work a second time.

Murphy isn't all that proven as a features director-- his only previous credit is Running With Scissors, which was met by critics and audiences with a general shrug--but on TV he's unstoppable right now as the creator of Glee. His TV gig means he won't have time to direct Mrs. Mom-- or whatever they're calling it-- until next summer, but unless Eat Pray Love seriously bombs, people will be happy to wait. The bigger question is how Glee fares in the meantime, as a hit show that still doesn't seem to have figured out its identity and could shift radically depending on who's guiding it on a daily basis. Fans of Murphy's previous show Nip/Tuck seem to blame him for Glee's occasional excesses and inconsistencies, so maybe sending the creator off for a movie career wouldn't be a bad thing. A better Glee and another indulgently enjoyable Julia Roberts movie? Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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