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With rumor now saying that the Green Lantern sequels may film right after Green Lantern wraps, there are questions as to what will happen to Ryan Reynolds' other projects. A list that includes a Gunsmoke remake, the Deadpool movie and an adaptation of the comic R.I.P.D., it may be a while until we see Reynolds as anyone other than Hal Jordan considering how long the first film has been in production. Regardless of when Reynolds might be ready, studios are going to continue getting talent attached. Fox is already in negotiations to have Robert Rodriguez direct Deadpool, and now Sony may have found their man for R.I.P.D.

A source over at Pajiba is reporting that director McG is currently in negotiation to direct the film about two dead cops who work in the police department for the dead. The project would be McG's follow up to This Means War, starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon, which is scheduled to start filming on September 13, according to Production Weekly's twitter feed.

Considering that the director's highest rated feature is the first Charlie's Angels movie, don't expect a lot of people to be happy with this decision. But who know? Just like when a baseball player is in a slump, perhaps the reality of it is just that he's due.

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