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Way back in June we got ourselves excited about the news that Jonathan Liebesman may direct Clash of the Titans 2, and right around the same time the rumors were swirling that Robert Rodriguez had been offered Deadpool, the Ryan Reynolds-starring spinoff from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here were are three months later and neither deal has been confirmed, but Deadline Hollywood is chiming in to swear it's too soon to give up hope.

[UPDATE: THR now says Jonathan Liebesman has just signed a deal to direct Clash of the Titans 2.]

Things are looking a little worse for Liebesman and Warner Bros. as they try to hammer out a Clash of the Titans deal, since apparently "they are far apart on money." But Rodriguez himself went on the record to explain that, with Deadpool, the delay is more about schedules than money. Rodriguez has read and like the Deadpool script, but he's also committed to making Spy Kids 4 for whatever reason:

"We haven't really gotten into the discussion, but they are trying to make a certain small window that's going to be tough because of Spy Kids. If they push it back, it would be a lot better for me."

The bigger problem seems to be Reynolds' schedule, since he's committed to half a dozen other projects including the cop comedy announced this morning. Reynolds is a requirement for Deadpool and Rodriguez is not, so if you're placing bets on which one will have his schedule accommodated, I would assume Fox will let Rodriguez keep the Spy Kids and shove off.

So there's your update for the day: nothing has changed, the same people are still in the running, and nothing is official. Sorry if we got your hopes up.

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