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Things getting a little dull as everyone prepares to take off and ignore the Internet during the holidays? Well then why not invite Jason Statham to your pre-Christmas activities with a new clip from The Mechanic, the remake of the Charles Bronson action classic that hits theaters January 28. Statham plays an assassin who makes his latest mission personal when his friend Harry (Donald Sutherland, of all people) is murdered, and Statham's character Bishop-- "the mechanic"-- sets out to punish those responsible.

In the new scene released today at Yahoo! Movies, Statham gets on the phone with the suit-wearing business type who claims Harry's death was "business, pure and simple," then sets out on a pretty epic car chase that ends with a car going, lengthwise, all the way through a bus. The hilarious cherry on type is that the guy in the suit is played by Tony Goldwyn, the Broadway actor who also directed this fall's Conviction. From coaching Hilary Swank and her Boston accent to running away from Jason Statham amid explosions; that is truly a life well lived.

Check out the clip below and know that, even when Christmas is over, Statham Claus will still be on his way in January.


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