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With the epic amount of confusion surrounding the adaptation of the videogame Uncharted (is Mark Wahlberg 100% confirmed? Will the movie involve a family plot?) it's entirely possible that it will be a while before the project gets made. As a result, director David O. Russell, who is coming off the massively successful The Fighter, might find himself falling into something else, and that may end up being a tryst with Vince Vaughn.

Deadline reports that Russell is in talks to re-write and possibly direct an adaptation of the comic 2 Guns, with Vaughn toplining the cast. As we reported back in October, when Owen Wilson was rumored to be joining the project (this new story has no mention of Wilson), the story is about a DEA agent and a Naval Intelligence officer who are investigating each other and, per request from their employers, end up robbing a bank together. After getting away with it, however, the realize that the money that they have just stolen is dirty and they need to find out who it belongs to before they're hunted down.

Provided the film has the right tone, not only could this film be great, but it could be a perfect project for David O. Russell, who hasn't made anything even close to resembling an action movie since Three Kings in 1999. It also could be the right movie and director combo to get Vince Vaughn's career really back on track. There's a lot to like about this idea.

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