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The road trip comedy has never exactly gone out of style, but there seems to be a rash of them lately. We already saw two of them, the Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis-starring Due Date and the alien-tined Paul, and coming up Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand will hit the road in My Mother's Curse, T.J. Miller will go south of the border in Road to Nardo, and in development somewhere is the Isla Fisher-led comedy Desperados, which hopefully is more likely to get a greenlight following the success of Bridesmaids.

Typically it's men who dominate the genre, though, and they'll have another one to add to the collection. Deadline reports that Paramount has picked up the spec script Bastards, about two brothers who learn their real father could be any one of the many men their mother slept with in the 70s, including the politicians, athletes and movie stars who frequented Studio 54 back in the day. It sounds like a premise that could go pretty much anywhere, and the road trip comedy is obviously versatile enough to leave room for a lot of possibilities.

Justin Malen, who is also behind in-development scripts with the names of Prick and Trophy Husbands, seems to be finding a comedy niche, and so long as there are studios willing to actually make original comedies rather than just remaking The Hangover over and over again, we'll probably be seeing one of his movies on the screen fairly soon.

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