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Shawn Levy's commitment to Fox's remake for Fantastic Voyage has been on the rocks as of late. Last Thursday it was said that the director was thinking about bailing on the project unless the studio would greenlight his plan to cast Will Smith as the film's star. There hasn't been any update on the project since, but while Levy waits he's contemplating making a science-fiction film of another variety.

Deadline has learned from sources that Levy is now interested in bringing Frankenstein back to the big screen. Now, if you just asked yourself, "Which Frankenstein?" you deserve a cookie for paying attention. As we've previously reported, there are now as many as eight different movies based on Mary Shelley's scientist and reanimated monster currently in develoment, but Levy is apparently staying in-house to work on the script written by Max Landis. Fox wants to fast-track the film so that they can get a jump start on all of the other similarly themed movies and is interested in having Levy be the man to take their project through production. Levy's newest film, Real Steel, is set to be released on October 7th.

If you think it's bad that we're getting two Snow White movies next year, just wait until 2013/2014 when more than a half-dozen Frankenstein movies make their way into theaters. We can only hope that some of the projects will hit terrible pre-production woes and either get cancelled or delayed for a decade, but the sheer number of films in development suggests that we will probably have to deal with at least two movies coming out within the same calendar year. We can only hope that Fox gets Fantastic Voyage into gear and Levy will be too preoccupied to deal with a bolt-neck wearing giant.

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