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Nick Murphy’s The Awakening has been living relatively under the radar; a World War I ghost story isn’t exactly the type of movie that gets huge publicity. But now that the film has been receiving rave reviews out of the Toronto International Film Festival, a few more heads are turning towards this young director’s debut.

The film follows a 1920s hoax exposer, played by The Town’s Rebecca Hall, sent to secluded boarding school to disprove the appearance of the ghost of a young child. What she finds there is more than she bargained for and her life begins to fall apart. Though you won’t hear about it on the blockbuster scale, this sounds like it could be a creepy, cover-your-eyes-quick kind of movie, and the IMP Awards have gotten their hands on a great new UK poster. Check it out below.

The woods are already creepy enough on their own, but desaturate the image and add in some subtle fog and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a horror movie. The image looks really nice, especially amidst the usual crap we see in the poster scene. It’s subtle, but still gives you a sense of what to expect going into it. And, I mean, just look at how scary those trees look. It’s like there’s a portal into Ghost City behind her. Terrifying.

The Awakening will premiere at the London Film Festival in just a week on October 25th and hits theaters on 11-11-11.

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