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When Take This Waltz premiered at the Toronto INternational Film Festival last month, it was easy to lump it in with all the other Oscar hopefuls at the festival. After all, Sarah Polley's debut film Away From Her earned Julie Christie a Best Actress nomination (and if you ask some people, a near-win), and Take This Waltz stars Michelle Williams, an actress who pretty much does no wrong. But once the film actually premiered, it became clear it was something different, a pricklier and much more polarizing movie, both passionate in telling its sotry and a little hard to grasp for some people.

Take This Waltz, it became clear, was not your typical fall release, but luckily its found a distributor that knows that. Magnolia Pictures announced today that they've picked the film up for a release early next summer, both theatrically and on-demand. They also plan to bring the film to several festivals, which means Sundance goers might be able to catch it. Here's what Polley had to say about the pickup:

"Magnolia has distributed some of my favourite films of the last few years. It is an honour to have our film counted among their incredible list of titles. Their enthusiasm for the film is very exciting and we can't wait to begin working with them."

I fell head over heels for the movie at Toronto, calling it "passionate and remarkable" in my review, which you can read here. I hope everyone loves it as much as I do, even though I know that's not the case. But good on Magnolia for, as always, picking up a movie that's no guaranteed blockbuster, but well, well worth the time of anyone who gets to see it. I'm already dying for my second viewing.

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