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Fresh off this summer's hit The Expendables 2, and a newly published memoir about his undeniably fascinating life, Arnold Schwarzenegger is heading back to theaters faster that you probably realize, with the upcoming action film The Last Stand. Playing the sheriff of a border town who must stop the leader of a drug cartel from making it back to Mexico, Schwarzenegger is obviously in the badass mode we're familiar with, but based on the look of a new poster for the film, he might be even more of an old-school badass than we expected.

Today IGN revealed a new poster for The Last Stand, which Lionsgate will be handing out to attendees at this weekend's New York Comic Con. Take a look at it below.

That illustration of Arnold looks directly out of The Terminator, and that definitely seems to be the point-- The Last Stand is setting itself up as the kind of movie Charles Bronson would have made back in the day, and maybe exactly the kind of stripped-down action thriller we are all looking for in January, with the Oscar movies still playing and the big stuff of summer still far away. The Last Stand comes to theaters January 18, opening against the crime thriller Broken City and the horror film Mama. All pretty good options for a movie to entertain you in the deep midwinter, actually. But only one of them has Arnold and this kind of killer poster, so I'm sure your choice will be easy.

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