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Despite a wide variety of new options at the theater this weekend audiences clung to Taken 2, adding $22 million to it's domestic total and giving it one more round in the box office top spot. The sequel continues to out perform its predecessor having now earned $86 million while the original had earned just $53 million in the same amount of time. Either audiences still haven't figured out the follow up is an inferior movie or they just don't care.

Ben Affleck's Oscar baiting Argo settled for a close second place with $20 million. That wasn't quite enough to top his previous directorial effort The Town which bowed in at $23 million. The drop is most easily blamed on the fact that Jon Hamm wasn't cast this time around.

Sinister opened at third place with $18 million. That's not an amazing total, but still the highest debut for an Ethan Hawke film since Training Day in 2001. While that's a nice upswing for Hawke, another actor this weekend saw his film career continue to dive. Kevin James rolled out his third feature film Here Comes The Boom. A better title might have been 'Here Comes The Thud'. Boom landed in an unimpressive fifth place with just $12 million, the weakest debut so far for James.

Despite acclaim from critics, Seven Psychopaths seemed to scare audiences away, taking in just over $4 million for a dismal ninth place. That was better than the shrug off Atlas Shrugged Part II received. The sleepy, critically panned (0% at RT) sequel banked just $1.7 million, missing the top ten by one spot.

For the full weekend top ten check out the chart below:

Taken 2 $22,500,000 Total: $86,759,000 LW: 1 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,706
Argo * $20,120,000 Total: $20,120,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 3,232
Sinister * $18,250,000 Total: $18,250,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 2,527
Hotel Transylvania $17,300,000 Total: $102,193,000 LW: 2 WR: 3
THTRS: 3,375
Here Comes the Boom * $12,000,000 Total: $12,000,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 3,014
Pitch Perfect $9,336,000 Total: $36,085,000 LW: 3 WR: 3
THTRS: 2,787
Frankenweenie $7,014,000 Total: $22,035,000 LW: 5 WR: 2
THTRS: 3,005
Looper $6,300,000 Total: $51,442,000 LW: 4 WR: 3
THTRS: 2,605
Seven Psychopaths * $4,275,000 Total: $4,275,000 LW: N WR: 1
THTRS: 1,480
The Perks of Being a Wallflower $2,166,000 Total: $6,151,000 LW: 11 WR: 4
THTRS: 726

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