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The 2011 French-Canadian comedy Starbuck tore up the festival circuit, and won rave reviews as well as the notice of DreamWorks. Last year, the studio bought the rights to create an American remake of the film, and brought the original's writer-director Ken Scott on board to helm. The Vince Vaughn-fronted remake called The Delivery Man will hit theaters later this year, but paving its way will be the long-awaited US release of the original, thanks to Entertainment One.

Starbuck centers on a fortysomething schlub of a man whose forced to face adulthood when he not only discovers his girlfriend is pregnant but also that the hundreds of sperm donations he doled out years ago have resulted in 142 progeny in search of their biological father. In the clip below, courtesy of Yahoo, we see the titular manchild whose donor name was Starbuck detailing his—ahem—transactions with his best friend/lawyer. It's SFW as long as your boss doesn't speak French.

In the American remake, Vaughn is slated to play the lead role, with Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) playing his frustrated girlfriend, and Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) portraying his lawyer buddy. Also on board are funnymen Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live, and Ben Bailey, host of the best in-taxi game show ever, Cash Cab. I actually had a chance to visit the set last year, which I can tell you all about when we get closer to the remake's release on October 4th.

In the meantime, look for Starbuck which opens on March 22nd.

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