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"They're all gonna laugh at you!"

Following up on yesterday's brief trailer preview, we now have our first full trailer for Carrie, the reimagining of the 1976 classic horror film based on Stephen King's novel. This new adaptation comes from Kimberly Peirce and stars Chloe Moretz as the title character, a teen who's sheltered and awkward and doesn't fit in at school, to say the least. Julianne Moore plays her religious, overbearing mother, who thinks locking her in a closet is for her own good.

The trailer, which EW shared tonight, gives us an eyeful of some classic moments from the story, including Carrie on the floor in the locker room bathroom while her peers taunt and throw tampons at her. It looks like an update to this humiliating moment in the character's story involves a cell phone used to record the incident for maximum exposure.

We also get an earful of Carrie's mother's singing and prayer-chanting, followed by Carrie's displays of telekinesis. And it all comes around to the prom, as so many teen-focused movies do. Only Carrie's prom offers a bit more than corsages and romantic dances. The trailer teases the horror that awaits as Carrie loses control of her powers when the torment goes too far.

Given the popularity of King's novel and the film that followed, many of us know know what's going to happen, more or less. Whether or not this new adaptation succeeds in its attempts to reimagine the story remains to be seen, but the trailer certainly sells something dark and bloody, which suggests they're on the right track. We'll have to wait and see how the finished product looks when the film arrives in theaters October 18.

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