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We recently learned that Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives would be descending on the Croisette to play in competition at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. We didn’t need any help getting excited for Refn’s next picture, but the trailer that dropped shortly after the Cannes announcement (and shared above via a Vimeo page) is enough to cement this title as a Must See for the rest of 2013.

The clip, while short, still reveals a few more details you might not have known about the movie. We knew that Refn was reteaming with his Drive collaborator Ryan Gosling for a vengeance picture set in a seedy, neon-drenched crime world. What we didn’t expect was how nasty the normally refined and graceful Kristen Scott Thomas allows herself to get as Gosling’s mother, who demands payback for the son she recently lost.

The clip kicks into high gear with the delicious tease, “Time to meet the devil.” That slugline is featured on the film’s official teaser poster, which leans toward the visuals of Refn’s new film but undersells the violence that’s a key component of this latest trailer.

Part of me wants to go into radio silence on this film. If you loved Drive, you already know that you are on board for whatever Refn tries next. But between the red-band clips, and the noise that you know is going to stream out of Cannes, how easy will it be to shut Only God Forgives out of your consciousness until you are able to see it later this year? Here’s the poster. What do you think?

OGF Poster

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