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Up next in Hall H is Universal Pictures' panel, which is showcasing Riddick and Kick-Ass 2. Talent from both summer movies will be in attendance. While Universal's description doesn't give us specifics for Kick-Ass 2, we do know that the sequel to the bloody-thrilling super-hero movie stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Grace Moretz, as well as newcomer Jim Carrey. Given his recent comments about the film's violent content, it would be a surprise if Carrey showed up.

For Riddick, we should expect to see Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff and Dave Bautista, along with writer/director David Twohy.

Here's the official description for the panel:
Friday July 19, 2013 12:15pm - 1:15pm - Hall H

Universal Pictures presents an all-star panel featuring talent from two of its highly anticipated summer films. In attendance will be stars and filmmakers from the action-comedy Kick-Ass 2. Attending from Riddick will be the action-adventure's star/producer Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious 6), along with actors Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists) and Riddick's writer/director David Twohy (The Fugitive).

12:28 - HItfix's Drew McWeeny is moderating the panel, which he says is very R-Rated. I missed the name introductions but the first part of the panel is for Kick-Ass. Jeff Wadlow and producers came out first to talk about being excited for the movie. Then we get an intro-video for Aaron Taylor Johnson - aka Kick-Ass - who comes out onto the stage after his video. Aaron seems a little nervous. He says he's been training with Hit-Girl to get into shape. It's been 4 years since the first one. He notes that Chloe's changed visually, but his character hasn't changed at all. He got a call from Matthew Vaughn to look at the script for the second movie. He says he was super excited about it. He says the movie leaves no gap left over. It's packed with roller coasters for each character.

12:35 - Christopher Mintz-Plasse gets a Red Mist intro video. He comes out on stage and asks everyone what's up. Mintz-Plasse says the script was dark and fantastic. He was scared to do something this intense, but Jeff had a great acting coach to work with him on every scene and line. She came with him on set and he thinks they did a good job with it. He's wearing "like a gimp outfit" for this movie. He says something about Red Mist doesn't murder a dog or rape anyone in the movie, which is apparently something that happens in the book.

12:39 - Chloe Grace Moretz isn't here, but we do get to see Hit-Girl's intro video. Lots of great Hit-Girl moments mixed with some sequel scenes. Moretz is here via satellite from Boston. We have her on a split screen here. She's talking about Hit-Girl giving up her life of crime when her stepfather comes to take care of her. She goes to high school and realizes that, "whether it's a drug dealer on the streets and a murderer, or a bad girl in school who's hating on these kids, she has to bring justice to the situation." So there's an interesting arc built in that she thinks will touch young teenagers going through something similar in school.

12:41 - Moretz says Hit-Girl's only friend is Dave. He asks her to train him and they form a bond because of what they've gone through together. She's able to maneuver growing up seeing the world in a different light. She says Big Daddy's presence in the film is really strong. He's always there in Hit-Girl's mind. Moretz says she loves doing characters that are super opposite of her, which is why she wanted to do Carrie. When she read the script for Kick-Ass, she needed that with Mindy. She says Hit-Girl is completely lost in her own self, hiding behind a mask. She has no idea who she is. That's what attracted her to the role in the sequel.

12:44 - Lindy Booth ("Night Bitch"), Donald Faison ("Dr. Gravity) and John Leguizamo (Javier) come out onto the stage! And we're getting to see the trailer. It'll be online later (in a slightly less edited-for-all-audience form). Stars with Mindy and Dave with a gun. Mindy shoots Dave in the chest. He has armor to protect him. She wants to do it again. He doesn't. They banter and then she shoots him. Cut to some Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl in costume spots. Mindy at high school telling off some girls. Jim Carrey in costume as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Red Mist wants to make Kick-Ass pay for what he did to his dad. We see him in a shiny black mask. Introduction of The Tumor. Genghis Carnage, tough woman named Mother Russia. She ate her cell mate in prison. Fight in a cemetary. Hit-Girl says she promised her father she'd never stop defending the city. Lots of hero and villain shots. Dave being held at knife-point. Mindy shows up on the roof of the van and starts shooting through it. She flips off teh side of the van and grabs the guy in the passenger seat with her legs. Some great looking stunts there!

12:51 - Jeff says they did a global search for Mother Russia and they found Olga. Mintz-Plasse says he was flying back and forth from L.A. to London because he was shooting a TV show. Aaron says they had an incredible stunt team to work with them on the fights. Mintz-Plasse says Jeff made them do the fight scene a lot of times. Jeff jokes that he wasn't even filming half the time. He says he's never worked with a pair that have such a great partnership. They'd work out the moves and make it great.

12:53 - John Leguizamo says Chris had him rolling the whole time. He references a scene involving sex toys and a dominatrix mask that Chris wears. Jeff says he put the cast through the meat grinder, so it's almost hard to think about Kick-Ass 3 right now. Donald Faison says he and Aaron have a fight scene that they shot in Toronto. Aaron and Lindy have a whole other physical-type scene, according to Lindy.

And that ends the Kick-Ass 2 part of the panel. Riddick's coming soon.


1:01 - David Twohy comes onto the stage, but he doesn't sit down. Instead, he picks up the mic and says he was here 13 years ago for Pitch Black, starring an actor nobody knew called Vin Diesel. He could never have dreamed it was possible. He's introducing Katee Sackhoff, who plays Dahl, and we get a Dahl video, which stars with Sackhoff throwing a punch. Lots of guns and she proves once again that tank tops really work for her. (Love you, Starbuck!). She looked very tough in the video, but she looks stunning on stage, long blond hair, snug fitting, very short dress.

1:04 - Riddick clip has Riddick talking about getting civilized. Cut to a lot of fight scenes, scary monsters and glowing eyes. He hasn't lost it. Riddick steps up onto stage and gives Katee a hug. David talks about throwing out ideas with Diesel. They settled on a survival story. He wrote a spec script, they took it to Berlin, sold it overseas, brought it back home and got Universal to distribute it in the U.S. He thinks the movie pays off past debts and moves into new territory.

1:07 - Diesel says we're learning more and more who Riddick is through the mythology. Moderator turns to Katee and references BSG, which gets a big applause. Sackhoff says sci-fi fans are the most loyal fans in the world. She says she's been a fan of Vin, Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick from the beginning, so she says she'd do anything (pretty much) to do Riddick. She says with Dahl, there's no vulnerability other than that she's a woman. She loved that she got to shoot big guns. "I think my gun was the biggest one."

1:10 - Vin Diesel says Dungeons and Dragons was a training ground for imagination. He'd already started acting when he played it. He's talking about acting out the characters and how it didn't take more than a couple of hours before you really believed this witch hunter and the dice you were rolling was really a weapon. He and David really enjoyed the idea that they were expanding the mythology when they did Chronicles of Riddick. But they had to go PG-13. When the audience asked for the movie to be Rated-R, it helped it to be made because they didn't have to spend $200 million to make the movie. The film maintains the style and tempo of Pitch Black while still serving the mythology. So if you're following the mythology, you can only imagine where you'll be at the end of this story.

1:13 - We get another video! Stars with a flying creature and cuts to Riddick. "Whatever happens. No matter what they tell you. When the chains come off. You go in the first five seconds," RiddicL says. They're in a room and there's a guy with a sword. He says something in a different language and raises the sword like he's going to cut Riddick's head off. Then something happens. There's a noise outside. Riddick says, "Times up." Something's out there. They start shooting guns out the door. Then they wait, thinking they killed it. A tentacle comes through the door and spears the shooter through the chest. Riddick laughs (he's still chained up). He kicks away the guy with the sword. Then kicks the sword or something through the guy's head, pinning him dead to the wall. Another guy wisely suggests, "Yeah, let's cut him loose." Cut to a montage of guns, monsters, violence and Riddick being awesome. "You're not afraid of the dark, are you?"

1:17 - Vin Diesel says nothing comes easy. He's talking about Dom from Fast & Furious. Dom has love and regard for family. What's inside of Riddick is so scary, now that he has kids, when he watches the Riddick character, there's a part of him that feels guilty for having such a darkness in that character. He looks at his character and thinks, "That wasn't cool. He shouldn't have killed that guy." Everyone laughs. The physical side of it is more natural to him. The emotional side is the waiting part of the process. The classic fight he had in Fast Five with Dwayne Johnson was shot over five days. What was so taxing was the emotional component. Fighting is so often about what the emotion is behind it and how willing you are to really challenge that emotion or really take that emotion to that place, so you're feeling a certain intensity for the whole thing you're shooting the actual physical scene.

1:21 - A fan gets some laughs asking Vin Diesel how he (the fan) can be more badass. Vin tells the guy he's getting more bad-ass by the minute. Katee says there's an element to Dahl that's trying to prove something, not necessarily to herself but to the people in her life. She's funny and ironic but there's a hurt inside of her that's incredibly dark and she's constantly punishing herself and putting herself in circumstances that she feels she deserves. There's a side to her that understands the darkness in Riddick. Not necessarily compassion, but a kinship because there's a piece of her that finally understands because she sees it in someone else.

1:24 - Vin says he went to "The Buttnumbathon" in Texas to show Pitch Black and Drew (the moderator) was there. A fan asks Vin about upcoming movies, referring to Marvel, but Vin says it's the one question he's not supposed to say anything about. He will say "There is some very big news coming at the end of this month." And then he smiles widely. And that's it for the Riddick panel.

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