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Right after her big win at the Critics’ Choice awards for the action film, Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt is up for another badass role in the action-fantasy spin-off, The Huntsman, starring Chris Hemsworth. While there is no official confirmation, sources say that negotiations are in order, and Blunt is up to play Charlize Theron’s evil sister and villain of the film, The Snow Queen.

The Huntsman has been an ever-changing project. First, it was supposed to be a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman featuring the lead character, Snow White portrayed by Kristen Stewart. Then it was teased that Stewart’s role would be slight, and the huntsman from the original, Chris Hemsworth would star. And finally Stewart was cut all together, and the film title was retitled simply The Huntsman. It’s been a strange ride, and with only two cast members verified (Hemsworth as the huntsman, and Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna), but the rumor that Emily Blunt is up for a role is incredibly exciting.

Director Frank Darabont left the project this week, but Universal seems to be still moving ahead and in the process of hiring a new filmmaker. According to TheWrap, multiple individuals with knowledge of the project state the Blunt is currently in negotiations to join the cast, though Universal has not confirmed quite yet. Sources have confirmed that Darabont’s exit was due to creative differences, and I’m sure that Universal wants to announce a new director first and foremost, before they start confirming new cast members.

So far, the plot of the spin-off film follows Hemsworth, reprising his role as Eric, the huntsman, who is sent on another quest. This time, instead of aiding Snow White, the huntsman is out to find the stolen magic mirror forcing him to go up against Queen Ravenna’s vengeful sister, the Snow Queen (who may be played by Blunt). The current draft of the screenplay was written by Darabont, so we are unsure whether or not there will be changes along with his departure.

The first film in the franchise was a crazy success grossing nearly $400 million worldwide, so it was only a matter of time till we saw a sequel. And with a powerhouse cast on the rise, a new and talented director is sure to show up to help make this hopefully a bit better than the first one. The first, while a success in the box office, was an iffy story, and the highlight was definitely Charlize Theron’s performance, though little of it. There were a few strong visual ideas, but the story was difficult to invest in.

We’re hoping for a better screenplay, and directing than that the first film. The setting in this dark fantastical world could be really cool if explored properly. The film is still targeted to release on April 22, 2016, but without a director, we may see that change.

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