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It’s safe to say that former Olympic wrestler, Mark Schultz, the protagonist played by Channing Tatum in the Oscar-nominated drama Foxcatcher, has been somewhat mercurial on the way he has been portrayed in the tragic adaptation. At first he publicly excoriated the film, then he seemed to be more accepting. Now, we seem to be entering a third phase: Love and adulation. According to Schultz’s latest comments, Foxcatcher is nothing less than "a miracle." How did this dramatic 180 degree turn come about?

Taking his thoughts to Twitter, Schultz’s latest comments are heaped with praise for the drama, and he continues to apologize for his initial harshness towards the film, saying that film is a "miracle" and that "I’m sorry that I said that I hated it. I love it."

The evolution of Schultz’s feelings over the film began in December when he took to social media blasting director Bennett Miller over what he perceived were sensationalized aspects of his life, culminating in borderline threats and outright declaring that he hated the film. However, earlier this month, Schultz would begin to change his tune and display a more conciliatory tone, while claiming he was only seeking to "safeguard the integrity and truth" of his story. This latest love phase seems to be reflected upon Schultz’s regret over the consequences that his controversial comments had on the release of the film and the personal effect it may have had on Bennett Miller, who Schultz had portrayed as a liar, even calling him "scum."

With hindsight clarifying his feelings over the film, Schultz explains that his initial emotional eruption was based in the context of the film and the sore spot it touched due to its portrayal of the tragic murder of his brother, Dave. The more discussed aspect of the film’s implied sexual relationship between Tatum’s Schultz and Steve Carrell’s mentally disturbed coach-turned-murderer, John Du Pont, did not seem to come up specifically in Schultz’s latest series of apologetic tweets. What does seem to be the main focus is the way the film ends up honoring his brother Dave’s legacy, which seems to have redeemed any perceived prevarications in the story told.

It’s pretty clear that Schultz is an emotional person, whose mindset is still deeply rooted in a competitive mode. A biographical film project like Foxcatcher would naturally require the subject to relinquish control of certain aspects of his life story into the creative hands of a scriptwriter and director. For someone like Schultz, a former competitive athlete in a sport (wrestling) where you depend upon yourself, relinquishing control certainly had to be difficult. The result has been an understandably emotional journey that has been splattered across Twitter and Facebook for the past few months. Fortunately for the film, the headline-making harangue isn't likely to affect its chances at the Oscars with nods for best actor, best director, and a best screenplay nomination glistening.

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